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From company-owned computers to the personal devices employees use to check email and collaborate on files on the go, organizations tend to have a growing number and variety of devices that connect to their network. With all these entry points, organizations need to ensure they have sufficient oversight to make sure all workstations and mobile devices are configured securely and can be used efficiently.

For example, companies generally want to make sure that all their workstations have the latest versions of operating and application software, including any security or operational patches. That means they need a way to easily oversee all devices on their network and optimize their configuration.

workstation and mobile device configuration tools

To get a handle on workstations and mobile devices, organizations can turn to tools that help with everything from initial setup to ongoing security. As a premier, certified Microsoft partner, Peters & Associates specializes in managing solutions such as:

Windows Autopilot

Organizations running Windows on their workstations may be able to leverage Windows Autopilot to configure new computers from the cloud.

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager

The SCCM platform can be used to configure workstations across your network and can support advanced security features.

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security

The EMS platform can be used to configure access controls, identify security threats and more, across entire networks.

Microsoft Intune

This solution can be used to enable mobile application management (MAM) and mobile device management (MDM). Establishing MAM allows for managing mobile device data, while MDM goes a step further to also manage permissions for the devices themselves.

start improving your workstations and mobile device management

Improving the configuration of your workstations and mobile devices requires not only choosing the right technology, but also continuing to monitor your infrastructure and make adjustments as needed.

Working with a managed service provider like Peters & Associates can help you determine what tools you need, and we can help you oversee your workstations and mobile devices along the way to help optimize performance and security.

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