Today’s Data Center–Modern Infrastructure for the Modern Worker

Your IT infrastructure is integral to your business. Join HPE and Peters & Associates for lunch at Ditka’s  and learn how the latest  innovations from HPE in Data Storage, Servers,  Networking,  Security, and Management  will help drive your business into the future and beyond. Make Hybrid IT Simple: Bring new speed to your organization with software-defined infrastructure and [...]

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Taste of Technology

In the ever-evolving technological landscape, it can be difficult to understand how new tech can be relevant to your business. Join us for a technology-driven dine-around in Oak Brook on June 28th where you will learn about cutting edge technology from companies like Cisco-Meraki, Citrix, and Webroot. Your afternoon will begin at Maggiano's, move on to Wildfire and Mon Ami [...]

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Today’s Data Center: Modern Infrastructure for the Modern Worker

Digital transformation is all about accelerating innovation. The right mix of IT is key to that digital transformation. A new style of business demands an IT experience that is centered on business outcomes and provides consistent and predictable agility, security and economic control across hybrid IT to enable you to: Accelerate Applications and Insights Protect [...]

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Anatomy of a Cyber Attack: Risks and Threat Mitigation

A panel of tech, insurance and legal experts address how cyber losses occur, outline the tangible and intangible assets at risk, and how to mitigate potential losses. The panel will focus on the actions needed to take to prevent a cyber-threat, ensure you are properly covered for a cyber-loss and how to mitigate a cyber-attack.  Register [...]

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Peters is Nimble: Transform your datacenter with Windows Server 2016 and Nimble Storage Infosight

Windows Server 2016 is here! Join us on December 6th to learn how Windows Server 2016 and Nimble Storage work together to provide the most secure and scalable datacenter platform available. We’ll cover the latest security, virtualization, and management improvements using Windows Server 2016 and Nimble Storage. We’ll show you how: Credential Guard, Just-in-Time and [...]

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Ri$k Happens–Putting Cybersecurity Risk & Insurance into Perspective

Your organization may be at more risk than you realize. The goal is to control, minimize, and eventually insure against cyber incidents. Join us for lunch to hear a legal perspective on cyber risk coupled with trends, tools and ways to defend your organization. A cybersecurity insurance expert will also provide guidance on protection measures, [...]

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What Do You Know About Your Out-Sourced Service Providers?

While utilizing outsourced service providers (OSPs) is a popular trend, companies must understand the wide range of risks associated with vendor relationships. A Service Organization Controls report per AICPA standards (SOC 1, 2, or 3) is a start, but it isn't sufficient to fully guard against risks such as cybersecurity breaches, incompetency, ethics violations, lack [...]

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CRM Online + O365: Better Together

Extend the power of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online with the freedom to work where and when you choose with the online services of Microsoft O365. O365 delivers the power of cloud productivity to businesses of all sizes, helping to save time and money, and simplifying cross-application integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. Register for [...]

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