Office 365: Modern Workplace Preview (1:58)

In the final installment of our Modern Workplace webinar series we explore Office 365. Office 365 includes many helpful applications, but Word, Excel, Outlook, and OneDrive only scratch the surface of the potential value of Office 365. Discover how you can deploy, support, manage and use Microsoft’s Office platform to help empower your employees and [...]

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Enterprise Mobility + Security: Modern Workplace Preview (2:05)

By helping your organization fully leverage Enterprise Mobility + Security, you can simplify your IT environment by unifying management across all users, devices, apps, and services. Learn how Microsoft safeguards your data and intellectual property with built in security, and how to maximize EMS’s value to small and mid-sized business in our Enterprise Mobility + Security [...]

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I have MFA enabled…but I never get prompted on my PC

With the adoption of MFA (multi-factor authentication) ramping up significantly to help thwart BEC (Business Email Compromise), some people have noticed that the end-user experience isn’t quite what they expected when using their PC.  They aren’t getting prompted the first time each day they use their browser for Office 365, or even when their password [...]

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Microsoft Uncovers Large Scale Spoofing Scheme

In this space, we often talk about the tactics that bad actors use to infiltrate organizations, but sometimes it can be difficult to truly grasp the scope of these hacking operations. Microsoft recently uncovered a robust effort to steal the confidential login information of users visiting various political organization websites. This instance was very representative [...]

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Business Email Compromise is Rampant – How to Protect Yourself

Hackers are continuing to evolve their techniques to get through a company’s defenses. And why shouldn’t they, when the reward for getting into your mailbox can be so lucrative? The cat-and-mouse game that criminals and security professionals play is happening every day at all hours, and despite the best efforts of IT security, would-be cyber [...]

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Cybersecurity Forum Breakdown

Recently, the Greater Oak Brook Chamber of Commerce held a Cybersecurity Forum to help keep its members updated on how to protect themselves and their organizations. After a comprehensive presentation covering the cyberthreats to businesses by an FBI special agent, our own Rachael Narel moderated a panel about cybersecurity with local industry leaders. Many of [...]

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The Identity Perimeter and How to Strengthen It

Before the digital age, most of your corporate assets could be reasonably secured using locks on file cabinets, security cameras, and loyal employees. Once the digital age hit, it became a bit harder to protect your organization. Securing your network required more effort, including restricting what devices could access data, hiring IT administrators and deploying [...]

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Protecting Your Office 365 Environment

The traditional barriers preventing bad actors from infiltrating your business are fading away. The digital age has broken down physical security barriers, and the cloud revolution has overcome network boundaries. The last perimeter left is the identity perimeter, which is only as strong as the login information for each of your employees. Identity perimeter is [...]

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