Teams Lock it Down, Govern the Data

Microsoft Teams is a secure and easy to use tool, it's like having Office 365 in an application. Features like multi-factor authentication keep bad actors at bay. You can also customize settings such as, control over who can create a team and blocking external access. These are just SOME of the features that Microsoft Teams [...]

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Why You Need Teams – Boost Collaboration for Your Employees

Microsoft Teams - its more than chat! Does your organization struggle with departmental silos? Is a portion of your employees mobile? Has your organizations g drive become cluttered without dates files? If you struggle with any of these, it might be time to switch to Microsoft Teams. Tune in to part-one of our Microsoft Teams: [...]

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Teams – The Hub for Teamwork in Office 365

If collaboration is how 80% of your information workers spend their time; why not simplify their window to the world with Teams?  Teams provides a single version of the truth that your team can rely upon.  No limitations to mobile, desktop, or a browser.  No barriers for time zone or language nor employee or guest.  Teams [...]

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Moving to Microsoft Teams

For many organizations just getting started with Office 365, there is typically some excitement about rolling out Skype for Business in order to enable better collaboration between individuals. Unfortunately, many are disappointed to learn that Skype for Business is not available to them any longer. Back in late 2018, Microsoft tapered access for Skype for [...]

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Teams: A Pillar of Solid Project Management

Project management is the process of planning, organizing and managing tasks and resources to accomplish a successful implementation within constraints of time, resources and costs.  Project management is intertwined throughout the lifecycle of the project. Having been a project manager for over 20 years, running small or large projects should be a piece of cake.  [...]

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Innovating Collaboration

Allowing your employees to communicate more effectively can directly boost productivity. Being on the cutting edge of collaboration is vital to truly leveraging your employees’ time and effort. Microsoft recently conducted a survey of 14,000 people about their perspectives surrounding collaboration during work and school. The survey covered generational and gender gaps, as well as [...]

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Unifying Communication with Microsoft Teams

Unified Communication is an extremely important aspect to any organization, but unfortunately can also be an overused buzzword. While the term is used in many different contexts, generally, Unified Communication refers to breaking down communication barriers between people and devices, sometimes through software with a single user interface across multiple devices. You might receive an [...]

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Microsoft Teams – Data Storage Diagram

If you haven’t figured out already, Microsoft Teams uses existing O365 applications in the background to provide mail, chat, and file management functionality.   But where exactly is the data stored?   We recently had a prospective client ask this exact question.  Their concern was driven by the need to meet content governance compliance rules in their [...]

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Similarities between Skype and Teams

Skype and Teams share a lot of the same features and capabilities that you are probably leveraging today. Below are just some of the major features that both applications share: Instant Messaging Presence File Sharing Group chat Make and receive calls Integration with Outlook calendar Share Skype for Business server as backend (online) Differences It [...]

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