Managed Mobility Management + Cloud + Security

As the complexity of enterprise applications and computing environments increases, protection of company data also needs to evolve. Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite (EMS) helps to ensure that corporate data is secure. With solutions, such as Intune, Azure Active Directory, and Cloud App Security, you are heading in the right direction to upgrade your [...]

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Hyper-V Snapshots – Who, What, When & Why

Hyper-V Snapshots. What are they?  When should you use it?  Why should they be used and how?  Read on to discover the answers and more. What is a Hyper-V snapshot? While it seems like a simple question, defining what a Hyper-V snapshot is can be problematic. One of the most important things is not to [...]

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Spoiled Milk – Avoiding Expired Certificates

Expired certificates happens frequently enough to our clients: life is good, all systems working.   Then mysteriously, you start getting communication failures with an application like Skype for Business.  Turns out, a certificate expired at 11:14 am today and now communication between machines isn’t trusted.  Remedying the issue isn’t too bad in most cases, but [...]

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I’m infected with Ransomware. What do I do? – Ransomware Series Part 3

You’ve been infected with ransomware, you need to act quickly to save your data.  Disconnect from WiFi or unplug from the network immediately. You have to be off of the network so the infection does not spread to other machines or directories. Use System Restore or a backup solution to get back to a known-clean [...]

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Cloud Economics: A Managed Services Provider is the missing link

With cloud computing becoming more popular for all sized businesses, it is important to know how to maximize your investment while also reducing your organization's risk. Our Managed Services can help you accomplish tracking your ROI and understand how you can continue to limit security risks. Cloud savings--are they real? Cloud computing is not going anywhere [...]

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Strategies for IT staffing

One of today’s business challenges centers around IT staffing. Is your business struggling to hire and keep qualified IT staff?  If so, you are not alone. Some of the most common staffing challenges facing IT departments today include: […]

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Protecting Revenue with Backup Strategies

When was the last time you tested a restore of your data? Are you checking every backup to make sure that it is usable? Can you recover from a failed system in minutes, or does it take you hours, or even days? What would you do if your key financial system died when you are [...]

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Strategies for IT Staffing

Businesses today are faced with a number of challenges around IT staffing - keeping up with a rapidly changing technology environment, keeping skills sets current while also maintaining legacy systems, adapting to ever increasing security needs, and continuing to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. Join us to discuss a variety of strategic [...]

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