Security Awareness Program

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Turn your Employees into Cybersecurity Warriors

✓ 24×7 Access to Security Awareness Training

✓ Monthly Social Engineering Testing and Review

  • Baseline testing
  • 100’s of phishing email templates and landing pages

✓ On-demand or interactive resources

  • Scenario-based training exercises
  • Ongoing security hints and tips email subscription
  • Training assessments & reporting on results
  • Training course examples:
    • Intro to security awareness training
    • Handling sensitive information securely
    • Basics of credit card security
    • Ransomware
    • Mobile data security
    • PCI & GLBA compliance
    • Strong passwords
    • Safe web browsing
  • Financial institution physical security

✓ Access to the PULSE Aware Portal

  • Dashboard & Reporting
  • Self-service Security Awareness Training

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Network Security

Protect and safeguard the critical digital assets of your organization from hackers, competitors, and unauthorized employees. Keep your network, customer data and any sensitive information safe. A network security audit now will save potentially millions later, while protecting the health of your organization.

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