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Who is tracking the vital signs of your business?

Our PULSE Monitoring and Support Service includes:

  • 24×7 Access to Support
    • Phone, Email, and Web Portal
    • Remote Support Tools
    • 4 Tiers of Support Expertise
    • Access to Microsoft Premier Support Services
  • 24×7 Remote Monitoring of Server and Network Devices
    • Inventory Management
    • Health and Performance Tracking
    • Resource Planning Insights
    • Alerting on Critical Events and Tasks
    • Custom Reporting


PULSE Monitoring and Support - Why PULSE - Reasons - Visibility

Our advanced monitoring tools provide greater visibility into the health and performance of your IT infrastructure.

PULSE Monitoring and Support - Why PULSE - Reasons - Expert Support

Our support team features 3 tiers of expertise to help remediate issues. Your support contract also gives you access to our Microsoft Premier Support service – Microsoft’s highest tier of support.

PULSE Monitoring and Support - Why PULSE - Reasons - Optimization

Using our advanced reporting tools, we can gather insights to optimize your IT resources, plan for capacity expansion, and detect issues before they impact the business.

For more information to get started with PULSE Monitoring and Support, contact Peters & Associates:


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Protect and safeguard the critical digital assets of your organization from hackers, competitors, and unauthorized employees. Keep your network, customer data and any sensitive information safe. A network security audit now will save potentially millions later, while protecting the health of your organization.


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