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Managed IT Services and Support

Outsource your IT needs to us, while you focus resources on your core business.

Why IT Support Services?

Because your IT technology never goes on vacation. Neither does our Support IT Services.

Because you can’t afford to miss a beat, get behind, or risk not getting the most of your IT investment, many companies just like you choose to fulfill or supplement their IT personnel with outsourced managed IT services and IT support services.

Peters & Associates provides a best-in-class IT team – with complete know-how of the latest technologies, abilities and training – to confidently deliver solutions that jive seamlessly with your needs. Through a trusting relationship with your business, our experienced team works pro-actively to keep your critical IT infrastructure humming along (so you can too). We look out for you by maximizing your IT efficiencies, and spotting and handling potential issues before they impact your bottom line.

Choose From 3 IT Support Service Packages

What exactly do you get with outsourced IT Support Services? With our decades of experience and hundreds of Chicago-area companies served, we’ve put together three levels of IT Support Services package options that best serve clients’ needs. We call our outsourced IT Support Services packages PULSE (Peters’ Unified Life Support for the Enterprise), and provide three levels of subscription: PULSE Managed Services, PULSE Support Plus, and PULSE Support.

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PULSE (Peters’ Unified Life Support for the Enterprise)

What’s the PULSE of your business? Our dedicated PULSE team is here to keep your business going strong.

We provide the experts, services, products and processes to keep your business technology going strong—without ever skipping a beat.

PULSE comes in several unique, cost-effective comprehensive packages to meet your needs. There’s simply no better care available.

Our Managed IT Services come in 3 levels.

Contact us for a consultation to determine which service level is best for you.

Managed Services

Delivering 24/7 Support for all components for Infrastructure, Security, Backup Services, and User Support.

Support Plus

Providing 24/7 Support for selected components of Infrastructure, Security, Backup Services, and User Support.


We’ll keep an eye on your technology and alert you to potential issues in your environment—with options for resolution.

Support & Managed Services Plans PULSE Managed Services PULSE Support Plus PULSE Support
Support Access
Management & Reporting
Infrastructure Monitoring
Server Support
Network Support
Workstation Support
Office365 Management
Backup & Recovery Services
Vendor Management
Service Level Agreement

Peters & Associates’ Support Model is designed to be flexible to help reduce your costs while still providing quality support. We have two types of support models: 1) Support Hours or 2) Per Incident per year packages.

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How in shape are your IT Operations?

Peters & Associates’ uniquely-packaged PULSE program lets you outsource the level of IT management and tasks that makes sense for your organization, in a scalable and cost-effective manner. From infrastructure, security, backup services, and user support, we’ll keep a PULSE on your company’s IT, so your organization can perform at its best — allowing you to perform at your best. Call for a free consultation on your PULSE. 630.832.0075

Our Support Services Solutions offer pro-active notification of Infrastructure or Security risk occurrence to enable remediation and minimize disruption. We also provide effective and immediate incident response to minimize data loss. Optimize your IT Operations through technology and free up your employees to focus on your core business activities by utilizing our Support Services Solutions.

Peters & Associates Support Services has the following core solutions:

24×7 Support with 4 Tier Escalation

  • Level 1 — Consultants
  • Level 2 — Senior Consultants
  • Level 3 — Engineers, Developers
  • Level 4 — Vendor Support

Service Level Agreements

  • Standard or customized service level agreements

Management & Reporting

  • Regular support meetings
  • Annual technology planning meeting
  • Standardized & customized reporting for monitoring & account management

Infrastructure Monitoring

  • Prioritizing activities to minimize risk through early warning of events impacting network, servers and other devices
  • Provides quick and automated problem sesolution through alert remediation by using prioritized analysis to expedite the resolution of server, software and operating systems issues

Network Management

  • Full management of network devices (Firewall, Switches, Router)
  • 24×7 support & pre-configured replacement device available (Firewall, Switches, Routers)
  • Automated backup/restore of device configurations
  • Up-to-date network diagrams
  • Change control audit reporting
  • Scheduled firmware updates

Server Management

  • Scheduled deployment of Microsoft security patches/hotfixes
  • Unlimited infrastructure ticket support (remotely)
  • Hardware warranty tracking

Workstation Support

  • Proactive management of laptops and desktops
  • Automated monthly deployment of Microsoft security patches/hotfixes
  • Imaging management solution
  • Enterprise endpoint security — desktop antivirus
  • Unlimited remote help desk ticket support
  • Hardware replacement and management

Back-up & Disaster Recovery

  • On-premises or virtual appliance
  • Local virtual recovery in minutes vs. hours or days
  • Daily verification of the quality of back-ups
  • Backup failure identification and remediation
  • Additions/changes of resources to backup solution
  • Monthly backup software updates (if required)
  • Cloud-based backups and/or replication for offsite backup storage
  • Cloud-to-cloud backup and management
  • Defined backup schedule, strategy & best practices
  • Automated reports

Vendor Management

  • Utilize our support resources to help you manage your vendor technology incidences
  • Open incidences with your vendor
  • Work with your vendor to resolve the issue from start to finish
  • Full documentation of support incident for future reference

Office365 Management

  • Reduce your upfront costs of your Office 365 migration and onboard with us by spreading the costs through a term agreement while receiving first class support with unlimited user management
  • Microsoft premier support access
  • Office365 admin management with monitoring
  • Pre-defined alerting of your Exchange online environment
  • User management for new users added, changes to user’s accounts, user’s deleted, or security settings changes

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