Weekly Security Audit for Office 365

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Let us ensure your security practices are effective!

Our Office 365 Weekly Security Audit can help you identify weaknesses in your system’s current Office 365 security by monitoring for suspicious activity. With this automated report, you can compare security events across time periods and gain insight into the true effectiveness of your security practices.

A Weekly Security Audit Can Track:

Upcoming license expiration
Proper mailbox auditing
High current Utilization of license
Forwarding settings abnormalities
Mailboxes enabled for unusual protocols
Old/unused mailboxes
Authentication outside of the country

A Weekly Security Audit Can Help Identify:

When to extend or expand licenses
What was done after an issue is discovered
Foreign infiltration into your system
Suspicious mailbox activity
What mailboxes to clean up
Changes in your system over time

A Weekly Security Audit can also help provide a baseline of security and administrative settings, should you need to revert to a previous configuration. In addition, it validates that mailbox auditing is enabled properly, which is helpful to determine what was done after an issue is discovered.

Understand where your organization is most vulnerable, and how bad actors are
trying to infiltrate your systems with an Office 365 Weekly Security Audit

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