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White-Hat Assessments.
Bad actors trying to infiltrate your business and access your corporate assets use the most advanced technology and techniques available. Make sure your cybersecurity tactics are equally advanced. Things like penetration testing, memory and network forensics, as well as dark web scrapes can identify and detect security events completely overlooked by less advanced methods.

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Penetration Tests

Most vulnerability tests over-report potential threats to your organization. Pen-testing ignores the vulnerabilities that don’t actually create exposure to your assets and focuses on the critical threats to your organization.

Breach Response

After a security event occurs, an examination of what lead to that breach, or others in the past, can prevent future exposure. This can include activities such as:

  • Historical and active threat hunting
  • Memory and network forensics
  • Declarative statements about security incidents

what is pen-testing?

Penetration tests are cyber-attacks by white-hat hackers using common criminal tactics to infiltrate an organization, using existing security weaknesses to potentially gain access to systems, networks, and even individual workstations and security appliances. The process then reviews these findings and provides recommendations on how to resolve vulnerabilities and mitigate future risk.

Dark Web Discovery

Past security events or breaches may have left your organization’s corporate data available. We can scrape the dark web for this information. This can include:

  • Sensitive corporate and customer data
  • Compromised credentials
  • Insider information and trade secrets

why check the dark web?

The deep web is anything accessible online that isn’t indexed by traditional search engines. The dark web is a subset of the deep web, which is accessible only through specific browsers connected to Tor servers. Through virtual private networks and other concealment techniques, bad actors utilize anonymity on the dark web to engage in illicit activity. This cyber black market allows almost anyone to buy and sell stolen credentials, download hacking software, and trade other illegal goods and services.

Full Scope Black Box Test

This is a comprehensive examination of physical and social threats to your environment. This can include:

  • Using Spear-Phishing and Social Engineering tactics
  • Sending personnel to physically infiltrate on-premises

Staff Training

Educating your own IT staff about the cyber threats they will likely face is critical to creating an organization which can effectively detect and respond to security events. We can help you to develop your team’s security skills to best protect your business.

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