Microsoft Azure

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what is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a comprehensive cloud computing platform that organizations can use to build applications, create virtual machines, manage data and more.

Azure’s range of services can be leveraged according to your needs. Whether you’re at the beginning stages of scaling your cloud architecture, building a hybrid cloud environment or looking to manage your entire IT infrastructure in the cloud, Azure can deliver.

pizza as a service

Think of Azure like a pizza. It’s a cloud environment where you can own as much or as little of the hosting, configuration and customization as you choose. Just as you might choose to order a pizza with the toppings you want rather than make it yourself, Azure allows you to fully customize your experience, from conception to delivery. Learn more in our Pizza as a Service blog.

features of Azure

Azure has a vast, expanding library of services to meet essentially all your cloud computing needs. Examples of the many features of Azure include:

Networking and Computing

Take advantage of Microsoft’s powerful and geographically dispersed data centers to build and deploy virtual servers and networks. Scale up and down as demand requires.

App Development

Create and manage custom applications, both in the cloud and on-premises, for a variety of deployments, including on mobile, with the option to use hundreds of programming languages.

Data Management

Store and manage your data through Azure for a variety of uses, ranging from managing data lakes to creating backups as part of disaster recovery plans.

Data Analysis

Go a step further than storing data by leveraging Azure’s analytics capabilities, including tools powered by machine learning that help you gain valuable business insights.


Azure provides an expansive tool set for managing user account, device, and cloud resource security. Migrating to the cloud is a great opportunity to enhance your organization’s security


Make compliance easier by managing data and infrastructure through Azure, where you can easily create audit trails, establish governance policies and more.

benefits of Azure


Cost Savings

Using Azure can save money on what you might otherwise spend on physical IT infrastructure, especially when considering the time and effort needed to manage complex IT assets, like some servers. You can also save money over time through increased productivity, faster security responses and more.


Leveraging Azure provides you with the flexibility to scale up or down as needed while enabling employees to work from anywhere. Plus, you have the flexibility to use a mix of cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments.


Enhanced Computing Capabilities

Azure’s powerful suite of services can enhance your organization’s ability to develop applications, analyze data, and take advantage of massive computing resources.


Advanced Security

Azure’s array of security features, ranging from intelligent threat detection to access management capabilities, helps your organization protect IT assets as threats continue to evolve.


Rather than being limited by the capabilities of physical IT infrastructure at the time of purchase, using Azure cloud services helps you future-proof your IT environment with continuous updates from Microsoft. In the last year, Azure came out with over 1,000 new capabilities.

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common use cases

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Automatically back up your work to Azure’s secure global data centers on a schedule you determine. In the event of an outage, natural disaster or other unexpected downtime, your files will be right where you left them.

Hybrid Infrastructure

Do you have certain servers, networks or processes you need to keep in house? No problem. With Azure, you can choose what goes to the cloud and what stays on premises.

Azure Active Directory

Implement identity-based access management for higher security. Active Directory, Azure’s identity and access management service, prevents 99.9% of cyberattacks.

start leveraging the power of Azure

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