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A Human Resources site, available anytime and anywhere you and your staff have internet access…

Release the power of SharePoint Online for your HR Team!

Add-ons for Even More Features…


Change of Employee Information FormProvide an online form where staff can submit address, beneficiary, dependent and contact changes.
Employee Welcome Aboard Site Display tasks and links to forms and information needed when your new employee arrives!  Eliminate the need for a printed “new employee” packet.
Employee Onboarding – Automate the notifications and tasks associated with adding, changing and terminating employees.
Employee Performance Reviews – An online form for Managers to evaluate employees and automated reminders to keep everyone on task.
Fully Customized Solutions We are experts in building business applications. Tell us your requirements and we can make it happen!

Benefits of Peters Implementation Services

  1. We conduct a basic check of your SharePoint environment
  2. We ensure the applications are installed in the right spot.
  3. You don’t have to figure out how to download and load the applications from the Microsoft Office store or 3rd-party site–we do it for you.
  4. Experienced SharePoint developers install your application.
  5. We install and configure the custom responsive branding solution and update it with your colors and logo.
  6. Peters configures basic security and access to your application. Make sure the right people can access your HR applications.
  7. You get a walkthrough of your new application with an actual person. Get your questions answered right away!
  8. Need help after the install? Our HREmployee Self-Service Center includes 8 hours of real SharePoint developer support.
  9. Need a custom solution?  No problem–Peters can modify our HR applications to meet your specific business need!

For more information to get started with HREmployee Self-Service Center, contact a Peters & Associates representative:

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