identity and access management

Protect Your Network From Unauthorized Access.

what is identity and access management?

While protecting your IT network through means such as firewalls and anti-malware solutions is critical to security, a key component you do not want to overlook is identity and access management (IAM).

Unlike most areas of your security environment, IAM cuts straight through all the layers of your network. Without user-based security protected with multi-factor authentication, for example, a compromised employee password could endanger sensitive data – even if systems were otherwise secure. Similarly, companies with relaxed user access policies for customer information could easily fall out of compliance.

improve IAM with Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite

Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite (EMS) includes a variety of cloud services that help organizations improve IAM and their overall network security. For example, EMS allows managers to remotely wipe data so that, if a device gets lost, sensitive information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

In particular, EM+S includes Azure Active Directory, which helps organizations confirm identities and prevent unauthorized access by:

  • Using single sign-on technology to help prevent password fatigue.
  • Using multi-factor authentication to provide an extra layer of security.
  • Identifying suspicious login attempts and user behavior to block threats.
  • Allowing organizations to set user access policies so employees and customers only obtain the information they need.
  • Auditing how employees are using applications.
  • Permitting conditional access policies that allow or block access contingent on meeting the policy requirements.

what is the identity perimeter?

Combating business email compromise requires an organizational shift in your security practices. That starts with protecting each employee’s identity and login credentials.

Before the digital age, most of your corporate assets could be reasonably secured using locks on file cabinets, security cameras and loyal employees. Once the digital age hit, it became more difficult to protect your organization. Securing your network required more effort, including restricting which devices could access data, hiring IT administrators and deploying server firewalls.

Then came the cloud revolution. With data moving off of private servers and onto cloud services, your business assets are now protected only by the strength of your employees’ login credentials.

start improving your IAM

Don’t let relaxed IAM oversight cause you to fall out of compliance or expose sensitive information to bad actors. Peters & Associates, a certified Microsoft partner, can help you implement and manage EM+S services so you can better protect your network at the identity level.

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