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Choose the Level of Cloud Adoption That Works for You.

what is the hybrid cloud?

Managing IT assets in the cloud offers a variety of benefits, from lower upfront capital costs to gaining the ability to access data from anywhere. However, not everyone can move entirely the cloud.

Cloud adoption does not have to be an all-or-nothing proposition. Instead, organizations can utilize a hybrid cloud environment, which includes a mix of hosted and on-premises solutions across:

  • Public cloud.
  • Private cloud.
  • Traditional data centers.

why use a hybrid cloud model?

By 2024, most enterprises will have intensively multi-cloud environments, with on-prem, off-prem, public, and private cloud. -MarketWatch

Common situations suited to a hybrid cloud model:

  • You want an economical way to start moving your organization to the cloud. Hybrid cloud models are often a more affordable alternative to the full-cloud solution.
  • You want to move to the cloud without investing a great deal of time and effort into the migration. Hybrid cloud migrations are usually quick, and require less effort than a full transition to the cloud.
  • You’ve already invested heavily in on-premises solutions and are comfortable with what you have, but you want a back-up solution in the cloud in case of a
    physical disaster.
  • You want to scale your IT environment without getting rid of what you’ve already invested in or committing 100% to either the public cloud or on-premises solutions.
  • You need to maintain local control of your data for privacy or compliance reasons.

These are just a few of the many reasons why organizations may decide to leverage a hybrid cloud model. Peters & Associates can help your organization assess your IT environment to determine which type of cloud solution, if any, would work best for your business needs.

leverage the hybrid cloud with Microsoft Azure

leverage the hybrid cloud with
Microsoft Azure

The good news for organizations considering the hybrid cloud is that they can still use one of the leading cloud computing platforms, Microsoft Azure, both in the cloud and hosted locally. From analyzing data to building applications to managing networks, Azure supports a hybrid cloud model, so users can operate in their preferred environments.

As a certified Microsoft partner, Peters & Associates has helped a wide variety of organizations implement hybrid cloud solutions like Azure.

is the hybrid cloud model right for you?

While the hybrid cloud helps many organizations gain the flexible IT environments they need, it can be difficult to determine what’s right for you and how to leverage different hosted and on-premises solutions. Peters & Associates can help you make sense of it all.

Based on our expertise working with hybrid cloud technology and managing these environments for a variety of clients, we can help you plan, develop, implement and oversee the best hybrid cloud environment for your needs.

Peters & Associates can help your organization assess your cloud readiness to help you take advantage of the many benefits of using the cloud.

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