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Using cloud services can help your organization in a variety of ways, including boosting productivity and making it easier to manage your overall IT, but you may be worried about the security of using the cloud.

While cybersecurity should be a key consideration, many cloud services have built-in security features to intelligently detect, protect, and respond to threats. Working with a managed service provider can also help manage the security features of your cloud services and fill in any gaps with additional tools and oversight as needed.

how peters & associates helps ensure cloud security

To help you gain confidence in your cloud security and simplify oversight, Peters & Associates works with a variety of trusted vendors to help you implement cloud security solutions and manage your cloud environment. Examples of the tools and services we offer include:

Cisco Umbrella

Peters can help you implement and manage Cisco Umbrella, a cloud-based tool that can prevent malware from reaching your company’s network or endpoints by deploying protection at the IP and DNS levels. Using advanced statistical analysis and machine learning, Cisco Umbrella scans the internet to identify new threats before they’ve even been launched.

Security Review for Office 365

Office 365 provides a variety of built-in security features that can identify email threats, block unauthorized access to sensitive data and more. Yet managing these cloud security features in a way that continually protects your IT assets can be challenging, and you may be unsure just how well protected you really are.

That’s why Peters & Associates offers regular security reviews for Office 365. These reviews help you get the most out of Office 365 security capabilities by providing you with an automated report so you can compare security incidents over time, identify risks such as expiring licenses and understand your overall vulnerabilities.

Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite

Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite (EMS) covers a variety of platforms, including Azure Active Directory, and contains features that help enhance cloud security. Examples of EMS use cases include setting secure access policies so that only certain users can view sensitive areas of your cloud environment, and remotely wiping data on lost devices.

User Entity Behavior Analytics

User and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) improve cloud security by continuously learning the behavior of your organization—i.e., how different devices are used—to help you spot suspicious behavior that deviates from those norms. Peters’ UEBA continuously analyzes and learns user behavior patterns to help you stay ahead of the changing nature of cyberattacks.

Penetration Testing

In addition to helping you implement and manage third-party tools, we can also test your cloud services’ ability to withstand attacks. Our penetration testing helps you identify cloud security gaps before it’s too late.

Over half of all cyberattacks at small and mid-sized businesses incur damages of over $500,000, finds Cisco. Can you afford inaction?

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Leverage the flexibility of the cloud while gaining confidence that your cloud security can withstand the rising threat of cyberattacks. Peters & Associates can help you plan, implement, manage, and test your cloud environment so that you can gain the functionality you need while minimizing cloud security risk.

Learn more about our comprehensive cloud services, or contact us today to get started improving your cloud security.

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