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Protect and Access Your Data With Ease.

As the growing use of data coincides with increasing security threats, businesses of all sizes need a way to efficiently and securely back up their data and have a way to easily recover it when needed. From ransomware to accidental data deletion, businesses may lose access to important data at any time, unless they have a backup they can quickly restore from. Using cloud backup and recovery solutions are often the most effective way to go.

why use the cloud?

While some businesses still prefer on-premises backup solutions like external hard drives, cloud backups are becoming increasingly popular as their functionality, cost, and security improve. Some of the advantages of using cloud backup and recovery solutions include:


Automated Backups

Rather than manually backing up your data every now and then, cloud backups can automatically sync your data based on a schedule you determine. This way, you’re more likely to have an up-to-date backup, and you can minimize losses should you lose access to your primary data source.

Simplified Infrastructure and Access

Instead of having to manage storage infrastructure that becomes more complex as your company and data needs grow, the cloud backup provider handles infrastructure on their end. Since it’s in the cloud, you can save a copy of your data from anywhere, rather than needing to be connected to local storage solutions. Then, when you need to use cloud recovery solutions to access your data, you can access your backups from anywhere and restore your data almost instantly.

Evolving Security Protections

Cloud backup and recovery solutions continue to improve their security with features like artificial intelligence (AI) to identify threats. Cloud-based solutions can be updated at any time, so they always have the newest features and security.
In comparison, the security features on external servers and hard drives are generally set at the time of purchase, other than the occasional firmware update. Advanced security updates usually require additional software or an equipment upgrade.


Because a cloud backup and recovery provider handles infrastructure on their end, you can easily change your service to scale up or down according to your needs, rather than getting locked into an inflexible local storage solution.

PULSE Managed Backup & Recovery

When a cyber attack hits home, your last line of defense is your backup data. When was your last known backup? Is the data reliable? Do you have a set of offline backups? Peters & Associates PULSE Managed Backup and Recovery service helps ensure that when disaster strikes, your backups are safe and dependable.

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