cloud architecture

cloud architecture

Gain the benefits of the cloud with cloud services to locate, connect, collaborate and more.

Whether you’re already using the cloud or just starting to explore its benefits, we’ll help you architect a cloud-based computing strategy—including developing a cloud roadmap, cloud application design, migrate services to the cloud, cloud adoption plans, and cloud management and monitoring.

Our cloud architects will guide the application architecture and deployment to fit your needs for today and your visions for tomorrow. Choose to run completely in the cloud or use a hybrid of cloud plus on-site infrastructure and applications.

cloud is the new normal

And reaching for the stars has never been easier.

Peters & Associates, an award-winning Chicago-area cloud services provider, will strategize, design, and implement a cloud migration plan that fits your specific business needs. We work on a daily basis with the following platforms, which provide superior agility, security, scalability, reliability, ease-of-collaboration and cost-effectiveness over other IT applications and infrastructure.

Extend your Datacenter

Moving everything to the cloud isn’t appropriate for every organization, but most organizations can save time and resources by moving some of their applications to the cloud.

Migrate your Datacenter

Are your physical servers reaching their support deadline? It’s time to evaluate the cloud to see if your server workloads are appropriate for going all-in on the cloud.

Enhance your Remote Work Experience

Do you have branch offices with servers? The cloud provide a centralized datacenter for greater security, easier management, and better performance. Do you have employees working from home? Moving critical applications or even virtualizing your desktop infrastructure in the cloud can improve your remote work experience.

Scale your Applications

The cloud offers scalability and computing power that few organizations can replicate without significant investments in physical locations and infrastructure.

Offload Management

Organizations that migrate to the cloud are shifting management responsibilities to a cloud provider. The specific responsibilities shifted depend on the cloud model selected.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Storing backups offsite is critical to a resilient backup strategy. The cloud offers inexpensive, offsite storage for backups or for moving virtual machines during a disaster.

cloud IT solutions

Cloud Readiness

Our cloud IT experts use tools, analysis, interviews with your key stakeholders, and documentation of your current business processes to provide you with recommendations for utilizing Azure. 

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Off-board your IT management to industry experts to keep your business tech secure and optimized so your teams can get back to business initiatives. Contact one of our IT consultants in Chicago to find out what secure, scalable, and optimized solutions are right for you.