business intelligence

business intelligence

The new age of self-service analytics requires a trustworthy centralized version of the truth that is readily accessible to business users with various needs and levels of technical expertise. At Peters & Associates, we harness the power of Microsoft’s Business Intelligence stack to provide strategic Business Intelligence solutions leveraging Microsoft Azure, SQL Server, and Power BI.

we focus on four key areas:

Solid Foundation

Building a scalable and robust Business Intelligence platform.

Easy Access

Connecting to and managing your data both on premises and in the cloud.

The Right Tools

Creating appropriate visualizations and end user assets. 

Peace of Mind

Providing a comprehensive security solution around your data.

Our solutions help you move from being reactive to proactive in transforming your business.  The benefits to having a strategic Business Intelligence approach are realized in multiple areas throughout the organization:


Deepen customer relationships, quantify the outcomes of campaigns.


Impact the bottom line, constant pulse on financial position.


Improve revenue performance, use predictive analytics for effective prospecting.


Quickly see the health of the organization in a single dashboard.

how effective is your current business intelligence solution?

  • What questions about your business are you unable to answer today?
  • Can you quickly get to the information you need to make decisions?
  • How confident are you in the quality of your existing BI solution or data?
  • How do you identify opportunities for better ROI?
  • Can you evaluate organizational metrics to form or adjust strategy?

struggling to figure out where to start?

Our Business Intelligence Assessment helps uncover your business needs and creates a plan and approach for a BI solution. It includes:

  • Envisioning session with key stakeholders
  • Review of existing data sources, quality, and any information gaps
  • Creation of a BI Roadmap with recommendations, scope, and estimates for an implementation aligned with the needs of the business


  • Findings review and recommendations for BI Strategy and Adoption

ready to take it for a test drive?

A Power BI pilot can help you better understand the possibilities of the solution.  We will work with you to:

  • Identify a business process and right size for a pilot
  • Create the necessary Power BI reports and dashboard
  • Deploy the reports and dashboard to a Power BI site
  • Demonstrate the solution so that end users can interact directly with Power BI for a hands-on experience
  • Discuss operationalizing for production use


  • Functional Power BI Dashboard and actionable next steps

For more information to get started with Business Intelligence, contact Peters & Associates.

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