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Business Intelligence Solutions

The information you need, when you need it, and how you want to view it.

Because you can’t be everywhere at once, and yet you need to know everything at-a-glance.

We help you identify, filter and connect the meaningful measurements of your business’s critical operations; and then display it in a custom, visually-rich business intelligence dashboard that turns cross-department data into insightful information. Now you can drive your business with smart, data-backed decisions for optimum performance, profitability, and growth.

Business intelligence solutions, Chicago

Explore any combination of data from any device, anywhere, with our cloud-based business intelligence solutions.

Datazen Business Intelligence dashboards, data analytics consulting, cloud business intelligence tools

No waiting. No guessing. The answers are at your fingertips.

Peters & Associates is a Chicago IT consulting firm specializing in Microsoft’s data-focused products. We provide Chicago area businesses strategic and technical guidance and implementation of Microsoft-based cloud business intelligence solutions, bi tools, bi dashboards and analytics solutions that leverage Microsoft Azure, SQL Server, Power BI, and Datazen.

Power BI dashboard, business intelligence solutions, BI dashboards and BI tools for Chicago area businesses.

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Learn how a Fortune 1000 company enabled their C-level executives’ ability to make better business decisions using visualizations and analytics…


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