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implementing the right server and storage infrastructure

In order to meet today’s computing needs, ranging from running high-capacity applications to managing large quantities of data, organizations need to ensure they have the right server and storage infrastructure in place. This technology forms the base for your computing needs in terms of being able to process and store data, whether that’s done on-premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment.

Different types of server and storage infrastructure offer different levels of capacity, security, control and other factors. Choosing the right tools depends on your business’ needs and constraints.

These tools can also be software-based, so organizations don’t always need to build out their own physical data centers. Examples of different types of flexible server and storage infrastructure offerings include:

HPE Nimble Storage

These flash arrays provide reliable availability for data storage and are easy to use in both cloud and on-premises environments. HPE also offers a range of powerful server options.

Microsoft Hyper-V

This hardware virtualization offering enables organizations to create virtualized hard drives, among other virtual devices, to help build out storage infrastructure.

Microsoft Active Directory

This directory runs on different versions of Windows Server and enables organizations to store network account data and set user permissions for accessing this data.

VMware vSphere

This software enables you to create a server virtualization environment and a software-defined data center. Peters & Associates offers a VMware Health Analyzer to help you get the most out of this powerful technology.

gain the server and storage infrastructure support you need

Choosing the right server and storage infrastructure tools can be challenging, and it can be even more difficult to manage this technology on your own.

Working with a managed service provider like Peters & Associates can help you determine what type of server and storage infrastructure you need, assess your current infrastructure and manage your devices and software to help you optimize your IT environment. Learn more about our comprehensive IT infrastructure services.

For more information or to get started improving your server and storage infrastructure, contact Peters & Associates today.

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