security framework

Implement a Comprehensive Plan for Securing Your Network.

what is a security framework?

A security framework is a comprehensive plan that covers all aspects of protecting your organization, from strategic policies to tactical procedures used to identify and respond to threats. Defining a security framework is more than a box-checking exercise; it’s a crucial way to clarify how your organization should go about protecting itself. It can go a long way toward building a more security-conscious organization from top to bottom.

how to establish a security framework

Building a security framework includes a combination of evaluating your current security environment and defining how you would like to manage security issues. For example, you can evaluate issues like:

Your Mix of Cloud vs. On-Premises Solutions

If you utilize an infrastructure-as-a-service model, for instance, your security framework may only include a small focus on vendor management and then look more at plans and policies for accessing in-house data storage solutions. A software-as-a-service model, however, may require a security framework that’s focused more on communication protocols with vendors and license management.

Integrating Physical Security With Network Security

Establishing strategies to manage physical and network security within one security framework can help everyone within your organization get on the same page to improve overall security. For example, establishing policies for password management and multi-factor authentication can help protect your network in the event of a physical security incident, such as computer theft.

Building Strong Communication Flows

Establishing processes for managing security is often not enough; when incidents occur that fall outside defined processes, your organization may not be able to keep up. Your security framework may need to include strategies for establishing a more cyber-aware organization, where security-related information flows freely between business units and all employees feel comfortable contributing to the conversation, rather than making cybersecurity just an IT problem.

start building a better security framework

Working with a managed service provider like Peters & Associates can help your organization determine what needs to go into your security framework. From there, we can help align your network-related activities with your security framework. 

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