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what is a a storage area network?

As organizations’ data needs grow exponentially, they often need new ways to store and manage large amounts of data.

For those looking to maintain control of their data through on-premises storage, they may turn to data storage solutions like hard drives that connect directly to their networks. Known as network attached storage (NAS), this solution provides users connected to that network with a centralized way to access their data.

However, as data needs grow, NAS may not be enough. Instead, companies can create a storage area network (SAN), where their data storage exists on its own network with its own infrastructure such as switches and servers. The SAN can then connect an organization’s main network to provide data access to users.

benefits of SANs

While not every organization needs a SAN, these data storage networks can be particularly useful for large enterprises with significant quantities of data that they want to maintain control of, while also having:

  • Block-level data storage, such as for maintaining databases.
  • Failover solutions, where if one aspect of the SAN infrastructure fails, users may still be able to access data from other parts of the network, rather than relying on one storage device.
  • Fast access to data and the ability to quickly back up data, particularly when using fibre channel connectivity.
  • Flexibility to customize, secure and scale the storage network as needed.

see if a SAN is right for you

SANs can be a great way to store and manage data, but they carry a level of complexity that may be difficult for your organization to manage on its own.

Working with a managed service provider like Peters & Associates can help your organization determine whether a SAN is right for your needs. If so, we can help you develop your SAN in a way that efficiently aligns with the rest of your IT assets, while taking an integrated security approach to help protect your whole IT environment.

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