Ransomware Attacks Continue to Increase

Ransomware attacks can target small businesses as well as global corporations. No industry is safe.

Attacks on small businesses can be just as profitable as high-revenue organizations for hackers – and just as damaging to businesses. When a system or critical data is compromised, most organizations will do whatever is necessary to regain access to it; including paying hefty ransoms. This is why every organization is a target.

Understand Ransomware and Be Prepared

Do you know if your organization is taking all the necessary precautions to safeguard it from a ransomware attack? Should one occur, do you have a plan of action? Should you pay the ransom?

This guide covers what you need to know to start building an effective defense against ransomware, including:

  • What is ransomware?
  • Why the increase in ransomware attacks?
  • What can your organization do to try to prevent an attack?
  • How does ransomware spread?
  • How should you respond to a ransomware attack?

Download the Ransomware Guide

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We’ll make sure your organization takes proactive measures to protect it from a ransomware attack.

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