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This Month’s Focus

  • Cloud Workshop for Azure

    With 88% of organizations using the public cloud in some capacity, now is the time to leverage all of Azure’s capabilities. Our Azure Cloud Workshop can help you determine which benefits from working in the cloud are best for your business. Our cloud IT experts use analysis tools, interviews with your key stakeholders, and discovery of your current business processes to provide you with recommendations for moving into the cloud and leveraging it effectively.

  • Weekly Security Audit for Office 365

    It is difficult to gauge the effectiveness of your security practices. You may have instituted good security polices and educated your team, but how can you truly measure if your organization is secure? While there is no silver-bullet in Cybersecurity, Peters & Associates has developed a tool to identify security events like these before they can do real harm to your network. Our Weekly Security Audit for Office 365 allows for a comprehensive, recurring analysis of the health of your Office 365 environment.

  • Business Email Compromise

    Business email compromise is tactic that, since January 2015, has had a 1,300 percent increase in identified-exposed-losses according to the FBI. For most organizations, this can mean that one compromised mailbox or erroneous forwarding procedure can seriously endanger the health of your overall organization. At Peters & Associates, we often see organizations with irregular mailbox behavior that is completely hidden from staff.

  • Modern Workplace

    When employees feel enabled to do their best work, they are engaged and satisfied. To deal with evolving business needs, distributed teams, and an increasingly complex threat environment, Microsoft must maintain a responsive, modern workplace. This comes in their Microsoft 365 offering which includes Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security. These products support each other so that your employees can enjoy secure, highly reliable platforms for exchanging ideas, having conversations, collaborating, and doing their best work.

  • PULSE Alarm

    Our PULSE Alarm Security Response service provides 24×7 monitoring, alerting, and response for security events on your critical infrastructure. Using our Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform our team can help identify and respond to security breaches to minimize loss. Included within PULSE Alarm is an annual vulnerability scan, weekly security analyst trend reviews, and a customer advocate to explain everything.

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