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This Month’s Focus

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    Too busy fighting fires? Let us take the call!

    You have more important things to worry about than deploying and setting up the security controls on your employee’s workstations. Within our PULSE Support and Managed Services, Peters & Associates offers Complete Remote End User Management. This covers basics like new workstation set-up, user account management, and mobile device management. It also focuses on securing those users and workstations with enhanced security awareness training, workstation monitoring and patching, as well as anti-virus protections.

  • Spring Cleaning: Out with the old (Windows) and in with the new!

    90% of data breaches are preventable by keeping current on Operating System and application patches.  EOS is the end of the line for security patching and a risk to your environment. We are actively planning with many of our customers for End of Support of common products such as: VMWare ESXi 5.5 and VMWare ESXi 6.0 Windows 7 Windows Server 2008

  • Backup and Managed Backup

    Backup process, personnel, and technology often get tested at the wrong time…during a critical recovery.  Passing the test is expected and failure could spell doom.  Take the pressure off you and your IT with Managed Backup.  Our professional team takes responsibility for the technology and full process including job setup, monitoring, troubleshooting and handling all requested restores.  We’ll securely get data off-site and even audit restores with periodic testing.  Get out of the backup game to lower your risk and free up valuable IT cycles for more important tasks.

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    We’re On It: Managed Services & Security

    How much time does your team spend “keeping the lights on”? What initiatives could you undertake with a few more hours each month? The Peters & Associates (P&A) support and managed services team keeps our customers’ technology environment running smoothly and securely so our customers can focus on projects that drive their business.

  • Office 365 Encryption Button

    Office 365 Encryption Button

    Most organizations have policies that dictate the type of communications that must be encrypted. Sensitive information is sent across organizations on a daily basis, and Office 365 Message Encryption (OME) can protect emails even when at-rest in a mailbox. But, the process manually encrypting emails can be overly technical and not user friendly. Microsoft has developed some process improvements with using OME which require some planning and readiness.  Thereafter, one simple click is all it takes to protect sensitive emails.

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