managed security services with Cisco Umbrella

Reduce the risk of user and endpoint vulnerabilities outside the corporate network perimeter.

Managed security services are a valuable option for protecting business growth with the potential to deliver a substantial ROI. Small businesses are often targeted by hackers due to a perceived lack of skill and the immense amount of resources needed to secure BYOD, mobile devices and remote workers.

The solution is to incorporate new Secure Internet Gateway technology, Cisco Umbrella as a turnkey solution from leading edge MSSP’s. It delivers visibility and comprehensive protection from internet activity across all locations, apps, devices and users. Cisco Umbrella blocks threats before they reach your network or endpoints.

detect data breaches faster

Businesses that include Cisco Umbrella as part of Peters & Associates’ package of managed security services enjoy three key benefits.

  1. Identify infected devices faster, uncover hidden attack infrastructure and block requests before they connect, automatically.
  2. Stop phishing and malware infections earlier.
  3. Monitor and secure internet use.

This outside-perimeter solution leverages Cisco’s proven firewall and DNS technology with fast, reliable cloud infrastructure. Since Cisco Umbrella provides comprehensive event logs, all network activity is available to Peters’ security monitoring platform. Customers know what happens inside and outside their network for improved decision-making ability.

To learn more about IT security best practice for small businesses, download our IT Security Action Plan for Fast Growing Businesses. It discusses the current and evolving cybersecurity climate and lists the four key steps to modernizing IT security.

the Cisco Umbrella advantage

Reduce Time to Detect/Contain Threats

  • Since Domain Name System (DNS) is a prerequisite to all internet communication, Cisco Umbrella can enforce security on ALL traffic from ALL users, applications, and locations.
  • This proactive, cloud-based intelligence sees threats around the corner and heads them off.

Increase Visibility of User & Device Risks outside the Office

  • Devices provisioned to work outside the office have the same network protection and event monitoring as stationary internal desktops.

Uncover Bad Apps

  • Cisco Umbrella discovers and blocks suspicious applications.
  • IT security teams can manage this activity even on remote devices.

Reduce Costs from Remediation and Breach Damage

  • Your protection is only as strong as your most vulnerable endpoint.
  • Stopping threats before they get through the door will save time and money.

Cisco bridges the gap between vulnerable and secure

The more a business grows and interacts in the market, the more data it must protect. In turn, companies become more attractive to hackers as they accumulate more data, exposing a larger attack surface for operational and reputational risk.

Peters, a Cisco partner, integrates proven Cisco stability and quality into its package of security offerings to growing businesses.

Start protecting your business and users in minutes.

Request a quote to find out how adding Cisco Umbrella to your managed security services will help protect your mobile, cloud-connected business from advanced threats.

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