“I Need Computer Help”

Historically, the term “Computer Help” brings a picture to your mind of a human helping another human with the computer.  Maybe one of the below is what pops into your mind?

In modern networks of today, the term “Computer Help” transforms to mean the computer helping you!  Some folks might call this Artificial Intelligence, Insights, or Analytics but we’ll use this blog to describe how the computer helps you (shhhh…using data insights)!

Let’s start with a few examples to get you in the groove:

Of course, not all Computer Help is designed for the employee.  Some technologies are designed to help IT Administrators and could be called Computer Help for IT.  Good thing, since a lot of IT admins are starting to look like the image below as security requirements have gone through the roof.

Along comes computer help for IT…

If you need a 2 minute overview of what we’re doing – check out this video.


If you want to chat through how Computers Help, contact our IT consultants at info@peters.com  and we’ll set up a time to talk it through.

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Bruce is the Vice President of Business Strategy. In addition to client-facing roles, Bruce is responsible for operational excellence in areas such as marketing, product alignment, and vendor relations. Over the past 25 years, Bruce has always served in an advisory role for C-level executives, IT Directors and CISOs to ensure that business goals align with IT strategies and initiatives. Microsoft has recognized, trained and badged Bruce as an internal Microsoft resource to allow him full access to solution architecture, roadmaps and competitive guidance. Bruce has a focus on consultative education and helping organizations envision their future with justifiable rationale. He is sought after on speaking engagements including CIO roundtables, executive forums, and conferences. Bruce is a graduate from the University of Illinois (Secondary Ed.) and also holds an MBA from Keller Graduate School, with a credentialed security focus (CISM).