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Are You Doing Enough to Protect Your Healthcare Data?

For organizations such as hospitals, doctors’ offices and even non-healthcare companies with certain types of health insurance plans, the challenge of complying with The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) can be difficult to manage on their own.

This regulation, which aims to protect people’s medical records and other health data, requires organizations to have strong IT systems and processes in place to protect personal health information. This means that organizations need to focus on security in areas such as:

  • Network security.
  • Data encryption.
  • Ongoing monitoring.
  • User provisioning.

how to improve IT HIPAA compliance

Instead of trying to manage IT HIPAA compliance on your own and potentially putting your organization at risk for hefty fines and reputational harm, you can turn to compliance tools and managed service providers that can help ensure you’re properly securing your data.

Peters & Associates helps companies conduct proper due diligence and oversight to protect their network and data to help ensure IT HIPAA compliance. For example, Peters can help implement and manage tools like Microsoft Azure’s Active Directory.

Microsoft Azure’s Active Directory

Active Directory has single sign-on capabilities to access a plethora of IT applications, thereby making login information easier to manage. The solution can also be used to regulate who has access to sensitive information and prevent unauthorized users from accessing patient data, thereby making IT HIPAA compliance easier.

Other tools such as the Microsoft Office 365 Compliance Manager can be used to run real-time risk assessments and generate audit-ready reports, making it easier to monitor how your organization is adhering to HIPAA and other regulations.

start ensuring IT HIPAA compliance

You can’t always have perfect security procedures and may accidentally fall out of compliance from time to time. However, the more you can do to adhere to IT HIPAA compliance guidelines and protect data, the less risk you create.

HIPAA fines are largely based on negligence, so efforts to comply, such as working with a managed service provider to oversee IT security, can dramatically lessen the fines associated with an accidental breach.

Peters & Associates has helped many organizations protect their IT assets and comply with regulations such as HIPAA by implementing security tools, conducting tests and monitoring networks. To get started with improving your IT HIPAA compliance, contact Peters & Associates today.

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