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When it comes to datacenters, you have many choices. Among our customer base, Microsoft Azure is increasingly becoming a popular choice for many reasons including cost and convenience.  Is Azure the right choice for you?  If so, what should you focus on shifting first?

We will start at the beginning and walk through the basics answering these and many other questions along the way:

  • Which pieces of my IT infrastructure are the “low-hanging fruit”?
  • What is the risk?  Can I pilot?
  • What are other organizations doing?
  • Can I extend my current on-prem environment for a Hybrid deployment?
  • What are my connectivity and authentication options?
  • What do some of the basic functions cost?
  • Are there backup, high-availability, or DR options offered?
  • How does it help my business become more agile, offer better services, or lower cost?

You bring your questions.  We’ll bring a brief deck, experienced presenters, a demo environment and a whiteboard.  Together we’ll nail down the basics and build up knowledge around Azure to get you started on a Cloud Plan.

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