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is your data management under control?

Organizations of all sizes increasingly need to get a handle on their data, ranging from marketing information to financial figures to employee records, all of which needs to be efficiently and securely managed.  The problem is that too many organizations have unorganized, non-secure data management practices, with data stored and accessed on an ad-hoc basis across:

Public Cloud

Employees often use services like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc., on their own terms. Even if organizations have a preferred cloud provider, employees may not always optimize how they store data in these locations.

Private Cloud

Organizations can also set up private cloud services, either on-premises or as a hosted solution within a separate environment from a cloud provider. A private cloud can act functionally similar to a public cloud environment but generally require more resources to manage.

Internal Device Storage

Some of your organization’s data may be stored directly onto devices like individual users’ computers, which can make data siloed and not secure.

External Local Storage

Organizations can also use data storage devices such as external hard drives, or they can set up network attached storage, where users can save files to a shared network drive. Still, this can cause data silos depending on how consistently this storage is used, among other concerns.

building a better data
management strategy

Instead of managing data inconsistently across these types of locations, organizations need to have a clear data management strategy in place that goes along with technology and services used to optimize data storage and recovery.

Improving data management involves:

  • IDENTIFY – where is your data located, what is its meaning – this includes the metadata associated with your data.
  • STORE – keeping your data in a structure and location that can support easy sharing, access, and processing.
  • CONSUME – using appropriate tools and technology to easily review and analyze data as needed
  • GOVERN – establish, monitor, and communicate policies around data and its usage
  • SECURE – manage and evaluate the security of your data management technology and practices, e.g., conducting penetration testing on your cloud drives and setting secure access policies.

simplify data management 

Trying to manage all aspects of your data strategy can be quite challenging and time-consuming, which is why many organizations turn to a trusted partner to help in areas such as evaluating and implementing data storage providers, managing data compliance and security policies, and helping you get the most out of your data through business intelligence tools.

Peters & Associates works with prominent data management solution providers like Microsoft, as well as vendors like Veeam, an industry-leading data management and availability solutions provider, to ensure you have the data tools you need to thrive.

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