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Vendor Promotions: Primary Customer Resource to Solve Business Continuity Challenges due to COVID-19

With the recent coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, many organizations enacted remote worker or work-from-home (WFH) plans.  Technology vendors have responded to ...
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This Month in Cyber Security: March 2020 (2:12)

Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), This Month in Cyber Security was different than any other we have done before. During these ...
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3 Essential Tips for Working From Home Efficiently

In today’s climate, many of us are working from home to practice social distancing. For first-time remote workers, the adjustment ...
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Microsoft Teams: Office 365 E1 Trial

If Microsoft Teams isn't part of your Remote Access strategy, it should be soon.  Here are 3 reasons to consider ...
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Teams 202: Improve Teamwork with Voice & Conferencing (2:22)

With the impact of COVID-19 increasing daily, the percentage of employees working from home on a regular basis is growing ...
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Tips for Working Remotely with Microsoft Teams

With the COVID-19 outbreak becoming a pandemic, companies are aggressively exploring working remotely as an option to help reduce the ...
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Managing a Remote Workforce

We have been discussing the concept of ‘digital transformation’ for some time now.  Employees are enabled to work anytime, anywhere ...
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Does your company suddenly need to work remotely due to COVID-19?  Use O365!

3/12/2020 – With the declaration by the World Health Organization (WHO) of a global pandemic due to the COVID-19 (Novel ...
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Teams 201: Optimize Teamwork with Top 10 Practical Use Cases (4:15)

You asked for it, so here it is! Microsoft Teams is a great platform to knock down departmental silos and ...
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Zoom vs. Microsoft Teams: Security

Zoom vs. Microsoft Teams Security

As schools, businesses, and other organizations have moved online in recent weeks, decisions had to be made quickly about which ...
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Microsoft Teams 101: Why You Need Teams, How to Secure Teams, and Getting Started

Microsoft Teams – its more than chat! Microsoft Teams ties together all the natural Office 365 capabilities into one secure ...
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Securing company data on personal devices

By 2020, there will be an estimated 105 million people working remotely in the US.  That's over 70% of the ...
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Boosting Efficiency with Microsoft Virtual Windows Desktop in Azure

With its latest Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) technology, Microsoft is bringing extensive cost and management benefits to IT departments. The ...
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Enhance Productivity Cloud Managed IT

Enhance Productivity with Cloud Managed IT Services

Don’t all small business owners want to enhance productivity?  Clearly, this is a top priority for any company, and it ...
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Teams: A Pillar of Solid Project Management

Project management is the process of planning, organizing and managing tasks and resources to accomplish a successful implementation within constraints ...
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Microsoft Teams - Data Storage Diagram

Microsoft Teams – Data Storage Diagram

If you haven’t figured out already, Microsoft Teams uses existing O365 applications in the background to provide mail, chat, and ...
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