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official Statements

Vendor Promotions: Primary Customer Resource to Solve Business Continuity Challenges due to COVID-19

With the recent coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, many organizations enacted remote worker or work-from-home (WFH) plans.  Technology vendors have responded to ...
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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Service Update

March 26, 2020 Peters & Associates continues to monitor Coronavirus (COVID-19) developments closely. This past weekend, the Illinois Governor enacted ...
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COVID-19 Remote Office Hours

We are here for you – Due to coronavirus (COVID-19), working remotely will provide new challenges for many organizations. Our ...
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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement

Peters & Associates continues to monitor Coronavirus (COVID-19) developments closely.  The health and well-being of our employees and customers is ...
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relevant articles

Vendor Promotions: Primary Customer Resource to Solve Business Continuity Challenges due to COVID-19

With the recent coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, many organizations enacted remote worker or work-from-home (WFH) plans.  Technology vendors have responded to ...
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This Month in Cyber Security: March 2020 (2:12)

Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), This Month in Cyber Security was different than any other we have done before. During these ...
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remote work

3 Essential Tips for Working From Home Efficiently

In today’s climate, many of us are working from home to practice social distancing. For first-time remote workers, the adjustment ...
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Microsoft Teams: Office 365 E1 Trial

If Microsoft Teams isn't part of your Remote Access strategy, it should be soon.  Here are 3 reasons to consider ...
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Teams 202: Improve Teamwork with Voice & Conferencing (2:22)

With the impact of COVID-19 increasing daily, the percentage of employees working from home on a regular basis is growing ...
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Tips for Working Remotely with Microsoft Teams

With the COVID-19 outbreak becoming a pandemic, companies are aggressively exploring working remotely as an option to help reduce the ...
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Managing a Remote Workforce

We have been discussing the concept of ‘digital transformation’ for some time now.  Employees are enabled to work anytime, anywhere ...
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Does your company suddenly need to work remotely due to COVID-19?  Use O365!

3/12/2020 – With the declaration by the World Health Organization (WHO) of a global pandemic due to the COVID-19 (Novel ...
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Teams 201: Optimize Teamwork with Top 10 Practical Use Cases (4:15)

You asked for it, so here it is! Microsoft Teams is a great platform to knock down departmental silos and ...
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Zoom vs. Microsoft Teams: Security

Zoom vs. Microsoft Teams Security

As schools, businesses, and other organizations have moved online in recent weeks, decisions had to be made quickly about which ...
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Microsoft Teams 101: Why You Need Teams, How to Secure Teams, and Getting Started

Microsoft Teams – its more than chat! Microsoft Teams ties together all the natural Office 365 capabilities into one secure ...
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Securing company data on personal devices

By 2020, there will be an estimated 105 million people working remotely in the US.  That's over 70% of the ...
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Boosting Efficiency with Microsoft Virtual Windows Desktop in Azure

With its latest Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) technology, Microsoft is bringing extensive cost and management benefits to IT departments. The ...
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Enhance Productivity Cloud Managed IT

Enhance Productivity with Cloud Managed IT Services

Don’t all small business owners want to enhance productivity?  Clearly, this is a top priority for any company, and it ...
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Teams: A Pillar of Solid Project Management

Project management is the process of planning, organizing and managing tasks and resources to accomplish a successful implementation within constraints ...
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Microsoft Teams - Data Storage Diagram

Microsoft Teams – Data Storage Diagram

If you haven’t figured out already, Microsoft Teams uses existing O365 applications in the background to provide mail, chat, and ...
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remote work solutions

Peters & Associates has decades of experience implementing secure remote access solutions to help our clients adapt to modern workstyles. COVID-19 has forced many organizations to accelerate these plans. The solutions below were developed to help our clients quickly and safely implement or expand remote work. Each solution includes additional health and performance monitoring, security log review, and support.


VPN is a popular choice for many organizations because it can be configured with existing firewalls. However, additional licensing, capacity, user training, and security must all be considered before proceeding. Many firewall vendors, including Citrix and Cisco-Meraki, are offering free or discounted licenses to help organizations through the COVID-19 crisis.

Remote Access

Remote Access provides employees access to their work laptop via a secure portal. This is an attractive option for many organizations that need have a solution implemented quickly. Licensing can be added on a temporary basis, but organizations will need to consider network capacity, user training, and security awareness to optimize the solution.


Citrix Virtual Apps and Virtual Desktops (formerly XenApp and XenDesktop) provide one of the most secure solutions for accessing organization resources. Central management allows for more oversight and control. However, implementation requires more planning, additional hardware or software purchases, and involves more time than the options above. Citrix should be viewed as a more permanent solution than the prior options.

Teams Voice

For organizations that are not currently setup for remote work, accessing and managing the phone system can be one of the most challenge obstacles to overcome. Peters & Associates has developed a turnkey cloud-based soft phone setup so that your employees can send and receive calls from anywhere on any device. We can quickly get your business running with voice, conferencing, and more using Microsoft Teams. For a limited time, Microsoft is offering free licenses to help organizations through the COVID-19 crisis.

Microsoft Direct Access

As an alternative to traditional VPNs, Microsoft offers a seamless connected experience for domain-joined Windows 7/8/10 Enterprise clients. This allows users to work remotely with the exact same capability as in the office and without the need for separate VPN licensing or agents. For remote employees, it is seamless so training needs are minimized.



 Millions of remote desktop accounts attacked every week

While it is not recommended, hundreds of thousands of employees use RDP as a way to remotely connect to their office computer with the same privileges they would have on site.  Using brute-force techniques, hackers are gaining…

From ITProPortal, May 2020 

 Hackers target remote workers with fake Zoom downloader

Researchers have uncovered a new cyber-criminal campaign attempting to exploit the current circumstances to trick remote workers into installing RevCode WebMonitor RAT.  While the Zoom loader installs and works successfully, in the background a….

From ZDNet, May 2020 

FBI Sees Rise in Fraud Schemes Related to Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

Scammers are leveraging the COVID-19 pandemic to steal your money, your personal information, or both. Don’t let them. Protect yourself and do your research before clicking on links.
From FBI and Department of Homeland Security, March 2020 

Online Posts Falsely Claim Census Response Will Lead to Cash

CHICAGO (AP) — You won’t get a check in the mail for filling out this year’s census as claims circulating on social media suggest. The inaccurate posts on sites including Facebook and Twitter urge people to click on the link.

From AP Newswire, March 2020 

Live Coronavirus Map Used to Spread Malware

Cybercrooks have started disseminating real-time, accurate information about global infection rates tied to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic in a bid to infect computers with malicious software.
Krebs On Security, March 2020

COVID-19 Map Malware Can Spy On You Through Your Android Microphone And Camera
Watch out for any links texted to your Android phone promising an app to track coronavirus.

Lookout, March 2020