At a time when employees are using their own devices and the cloud rather than the company network for work, it’s no surprise that businesses continue to get hit with cyber attacks and suffer from data breaches.

These threats are increasingly prevalent among small and mid-sized businesses. This year, 47% of small businesses say they have experienced one or more cyber attacks, up from 33% in 2018. Even more dramatically, the number of mid-sized firms who reported incidents jumped from 36% to 63%.

47% of small businesses and 63% of mid-sized businesses have experienced one or more cyber attacks.

Cisco Umbrella is an end-to-end solution that stops attacks before they even launch and runs in the cloud to protect any device. As personal devices in the workplace become increasingly prevalent, sticking to the same cybersecurity routine of only protecting your main network can leaving huge holes all around your company. Alternatively, limiting the ways employees can work will frustrate your workforce without improving your company’s ability to keep up with new malware strains.

In a 21-day trial, our managed security services team will lift the burden of implementation and monitoring so you can focus on what you do best, rather than getting hung up on the nuances of working with a new solution.

Get Ahead of Attacks

Cisco Umbrella works outside the perimeter of your network, deploying protection at the IP and DNS levels to stop malware before it ever gets to your company’s network or endpoints.

Even if a cybersecurity solution eventually stops an attack, or if IT teams try to manage threats on their own, they may not be fast enough to prevent your company from leaking valuable data, as evidenced by the growing number of SMBs facing cybersecurity incidents. That’s why Cisco Umbrella uses advanced statistical analysis and machine learning when scouring the internet to identify new threats that haven’t even launched yet.

The Cost of Inaction

While some companies think they can’t afford this level of protection or don’t need to pay for more protection on top of what their security teams already handle, consider how the cost of going without this type of solution could be far higher in the long run.

For example, the average cost for a mid-sized business from all cybersecurity incidents over a 12-month period totals $184,000, according to Hiscox. So as new threats emerge and more business get hit with attacks, the situation is looking more like when your company will be hit with a costly cyber attack, not if.

The time is now to get started with a trial of our managed security services offering powered by Cisco Umbrella.