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what’s the difference between a cloud and hybrid data center?

Organizations today have many options when it comes to managing data, applications and their overall workloads. Rather than having to manage everything on-site in a data center with significant storage and processing capacity, organizations can also leverage cloud data centers and  hybrid data centers.

With a cloud data center, all of the infrastructure is managed by the cloud services provider. That means the cloud services provider also has shared responsibility for your data, but organizations gain the flexibility, scalability, and ease that comes with the cloud.

Hybrid data centers involve a mix of cloud-based and on-premise infrastructure, which can benefit organizations looking to maintain control over certain assets with an on-site data center while still gaining some of the benefits of a cloud data center.

leveraging the cloud with Microsoft Azure

Cloud computing platforms like Microsoft Azure can help organizations gain the capabilities they need to extend exisiting data centers, build scalable networks, analyze data, establish disaster recovery plans and more. Azure can be used with both cloud and hybrid data center deployments, either by leveraging Microsoft data centers or on-premises solutions. 

With this flexibility, Azure can either be used as an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution, where only the back-end infrastructure is managed in the cloud and everything else is managed locally, or as a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution. With a PaaS configuration, the back-end infrastructure, along with an operating system that allows organizations to build their own applications, is managed in the cloud, with the data and applications managed locally.

choosing the right type of data center

Both cloud and hybrid data centers have their benefits. Choosing the right one depends on factors such as your computing capacity needs, how much you think you’ll need to scale, data control needs and more.

Peters & Associates has decades of experience managing data centers and cloud services for our clients. Working with a managed service provider like us can help you decide what type of cloud architecture works best for your circumstances, whether that involves a full cloud migration or the use of a hybrid model. We can also help with any transitioning you need, be it on-premises to cloud, building to building or other setup. This includes helping you plan the physical and technical logistics of the move. From there, we can help you manage your cloud and hybrid data center needs by helping you configure your data center architecture, keeping your devices up-to-date, deploying security protections and more.

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