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Your business is only as strong as its weakest networked device. Old firewalls, even good ones, may pose reputational and operational risk to your company. Next-generation firewalls from Cisco protect business by reducing network costs and vulnerabilities.


  1. Are your old firewalls able to protect against modern threats such as ransomware?
  2. Is your network slow, and made slower by security routines?
  3. Can your IT security team monitor the entire network including mobile devices?

Today’s Challenges Need Modern Firewalls

Old stateful (ASA-type) routers typically have no visibility or control of network applications, and they tend to impose severe throughput limitations, making them more expensive than modern alternatives.

Legacy stateful firewalls with discrete IPS devices fail to provide insight into endpoint security and force management to sacrifice security to achieve enough network performance. As a result, these legacy deployments present large attack surfaces to modern threat vectors, cost more to operate and are less efficient than modern alternatives.

Legacy routers, even those with ASA code bases, are difficult to manage and may be facing end-of-life issues, making them increasingly expensive in terms of financial and operational resources.

For these reasons – and many more – now is the time to consider modernizing your network security with Cisco Next-Generation Firewalls.

Cisco’s Next-Generation Firewalls Bring Modern Threat Protection to Business Networks

Peters & Associates adds value to Chicago businesses through Cisco solutions configured to enhance and expand your current IT framework. Our team can provide solid answers to solve critical business IT issues.

  • Get firewalls that can use your ASA code base while adding dramatic throughput and management benefit.
  • Integrate cloud-based management tools and security monitoring.
  • Reduce network security and firewall TCO

Learn more. Request a quote customized to best suit your business’ needs.

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