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the critical nature of firewalls

As cybersecurity threats constantly evolve in both form and scope, organizations need to upgrade their IT technology to keep up. One of the most important ways to do so is to implement firewalls designed to block the threats of both today and tomorrow. 

While you may think you’re already protected with a firewall within a legacy stateful ASA router, these devices typically have limited visibility or control of network applications, and they’re often too limited to keep up with modern threats. They can be cumbersome to manage and more expensive in the long run than modern alternatives like Cisco’s next-generation firewalls.

features and benefits of next-generation firewalls

Cisco and Cisco Meraki next-generation firewalls include a range of products that can fit the needs of organizations of all sizes and can be easily integrated into your IT infrastructure to help protect your network.

Continuously Backed by a Threat Intelligence Team

Next-generation firewalls are not static. Rather, they continuously searches for new threats and identifies ways to block them, and this intelligence automatically gets integrated into the firewalls to block attacks on an ongoing basis.

Deep Visibility

Monitor network activity and the threats that your firewalls block through a straightforward and powerful dashboard. Drill down into information in areas such as users, devices and traffic sources.

Automated, Efficient Oversight

Next-generation firewalls not only provide you with deep visibility over your network, but they can also save you time and money by allowing you to set up custom policies so you can automate security event prioritization.

protect your network with next-generation firewalls

Upgrade your security with next-generation firewalls. Peters & Associates can help you easily migrate from your old firewall solutions and integrate these new devices into your current IT infrastructure to build a more secure environment.

From there, we can help you easily manage your firewalls with our PULSE Managed Firewall service that includes 24×7 monitoring and alerting of the health, performance and ongoing security of your firewalls.

For more information or to get started with next-generation firewalls, contact Peters & Associates today.

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