Nothing But Net: The Brain (AI), The Brawn (Nimble), The 6th Man (Peters)

On June 18th, 2019 we invited our customers to join us for lunch at Michael Jordan's Restaurant in Oak Brook, IL. At this event we had the opportunity to speak to you about the latest Nimble flash storage enhancements, and how HPE & Peters are helping organizations leverage InfoSight technology to simplify management and improve [...]

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Ransomware Defense for Small Businesses – Are You Prepared?

Ransomware is a type of malicious software (malware) that locks down your files by encrypting or scrambling the information. This information can be unlocked with a key, and that key is sold to the victim as the ransom payment. However, there is no guarantee that you’ll get the key or unlock your files after paying. [...]

Benefits of Outsourcing IT Security Services for Small Businesses

Outsourcing IT security services is an excellent option for small businesses that have limited or no internal IT resources. In growth mode, it is easy to overlook the importance of an IT security strategy and the resources required for day-to-day IT security management. However, a managed security service provider can help build an integrated IT [...]

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Small Business Cyber Security Best Practices

To ensure that a company’s data is protected against people with malicious intent, hardware or software failure, or even user error, small businesses must plan and implement cybersecurity best practices – both personal and work. These good habits are known as cyber hygiene. Just like washing hands can minimize the risk of infection, cyber hygiene [...]

Cisco Meraki – Small Business Networking Solution

New branch locations, aging hardware, guest mobile device management can stress small IT departments, and by so doing, expose the organization to greater vulnerabilities. A streamlined networking solution helps to safely address that business risk through: Distribution and deployment tools, Performance optimization configurations, Guest wireless access policy management, and dvanced analytics. Cisco Meraki offers a [...]

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Peters & Associates named one of top MSPs worldwide

Peters & Associates is honored to have been awarded a spot on Channel Futures’ MSP501 2018 Edition. This is the IT industry’s most comprehensive ranking of Managed Services Providers (MSPs) worldwide. Channel Futures selected MSPs with forward-thinking business strategies and the ability to anticipate and act upon trends in the fast-evolving IT channel market. What’s [...]

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Halloween Candy! – and some advice for selecting a technology partner

Editor’s Note: This blog post has a clear bias towards the author’s preference for the delicious blend of salty, creamy peanut butter and sweet milk chocolate. The author’s words are his own and do not represent the position of the company. As an organization, Peters & Associates respects and appreciates every individual’s candy preference (except [...]

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The Benefits of Performance and Health Monitoring

Monitoring the health and performance of your devices is one of the most important activities for an IT staff to conduct. Not only does this provide valuable visibility into your infrastructure, it also allows you to be proactive in your management and maintenance. Implementing 24/7 monitoring can be more cost effective and improve the experience [...]

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Do you have a Patch Management Strategy?

Patch Management should be a standard in any organization. When patching is not considered important, or is only considered as an afterthought, your organization is at risk. Why it is important to patch often? Vulnerabilities are known to cyber hackers. If a vendor releases a security patch, it’s an acknowledgement that a vulnerability exists and [...]

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