Planning for SQL 2008 End of Support

Organizations that are still using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or the 2008 R2 version past their end of support date, which occurred on July 9, 2019, could be putting their organizations at risk. Instead, businesses should strongly consider migrating to a newer solution that still receives support, along with the new functionality that comes from [...]

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How to Prepare for Exchange 2010 End of Support

Businesses using Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 for their email and calendar services face an upcoming deadline that should not be ignored: October 13, 2020, marks the Exchange 2010 end of support date. After that date, Microsoft will no longer provide support for that product. This includes security patches, bug fixes, and technical support that normally [...]

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Is Upgrading Windows Server 2008 Before End of Support Worth It?

Upgrading to new technology can be challenging in any form, particularly when dealing with enterprise-scale issues, like deciding what server operating system to use. Yet with the Windows Server 2008 end of support date approaching on January 14, 2020, businesses should highly consider upgrading to Microsoft Office 365 beforehand. After the Windows Server 2008 end [...]

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Security Risks of Using Windows 7 After End of Support

Keeping up with technology advances may seem like a luxury for some businesses, but it is really a necessity, particularly to protect your company from cybersecurity risks. One key area that requires continual updating for security purposes is operating systems. As new versions are released, older versions eventually get phased out, as is happening with [...]

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3 Things to Consider When Choosing an IT Provider

With digital transformation driving rapid IT expansion within companies, many businesses are turning to IT providers to manage their department’s growing demands. IT providers offer many advantages in the workplace, including boosting productivity, increasing security and reducing costs. However, IT service providers differ widely, and companies should consider the following three factors when shopping for [...]

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