Beware the Auto-Save!

It saves all your edits and you may not know it!  It changes your original behind the scenes!  Run away, run away! Just Kidding! Content auto-save is a feature that automatically saves real time edits to Microsoft documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.).   Auto-save was introduced with Office Online, and impacts files stored in Office 365 [...]

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Get Started with HR Portal Recap

SharePoint Online is a powerful platform for information sharing, collaboration, document management and business workflow. But where can you start to get the most out of SharePoint for your organization’s needs? Our HR Portal solution focuses on streamlining common business processes to alleviate pressure on your human resources department. Release the power of SharePoint Online [...]

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Office 365: Modern Workplace Preview (1:58)

In the final installment of our Modern Workplace webinar series we explore Office 365. Office 365 includes many helpful applications, but Word, Excel, Outlook, and OneDrive only scratch the surface of the potential value of Office 365. Discover how you can deploy, support, manage and use Microsoft’s Office platform to help empower your employees and [...]

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Power BI: Actionable Insights Recap

The new age of self-service analytics requires a trustworthy centralized version of the truth that is readily accessible to business users with various needs and levels of technical expertise. At Peters & Associates, we harness the power of Microsoft’s Business Intelligence stack to provide strategic Business Intelligence solutions leveraging Microsoft Azure, SQL Server, and Power [...]

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O365 Security Group Rename

Many of us have created and used O365 security groups instead of AD groups to assign permissions in SharePoint online sites. In this scenario, where we have used security groups under SharePoint sites for some time, when the security group gets renamed it does not take the update on the SharePoint side.  This blog further [...]

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SharePoint Online Modern Pages – Custom CSS

Many of us have experienced the problem of working with custom display in modern pages. You can easily feel as if you are in handcuffs and unable to change any display aspect of the page. This short blog further explains that issue, as well as a way to remedy it. Scenario: Modern pages under SharePoint [...]

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Migration to Office 365 from SharePoint On-Premises

SharePoint Foundation and SharePoint Server have been around for many years.  Many companies have leveraged SharePoint’s collaborative features, creating both internal and external sites that can vary in size from small to large configurations.  However, unless you have a team of SharePoint admins/developers, a company can be stuck trying to fill the void if the [...]

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The New Office 365 Email Encryption

If you have been using Office 365 for encrypting emails, you are likely using the previous version of Office Message Encryption (OME).  It has been working perfectly for me for the last year or so.  However, the new version of OME is built on the Azure Information Protection and Rights Management platform.  This means you are [...]

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The State of “Modern” Pages in SharePoint Online

Modern pages represent Microsoft’s updates to make SharePoint Online more responsive and browser-compatible.   As part of a staged reworking of SharePoint Online, Modern pages are still a limited set of functionality in existing SharePoint deployments.   In this blog, we will look at where Modern pages stand as of this writing. One important item of note [...]

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Transform your Business with PowerBI (Overview 1:10)

Business Intelligence (BI) is more than just fancy dashboards or reports. BI solutions can truly help workers at all levels of an organization make more informed decisions and make them faster. However, too often organizations focus too much on the technology and not enough on the data or the business objectives and metrics that are [...]

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