2018 in Review

It’s often insightful to look back in order to look forward.  As 2018 has faded, I review what happened with our business last year to make forecasts about 2019.  Our business has always been driven by the needs of our customers, and 2018 was no exception.  To be succinct, I’ve limited this blog to 3 [...]

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What do you own, but aren’t using?

Frequently we’ll have a client request come in to purchase a particular product.  When we talk to the client and ask what they’re trying to accomplish, sometimes we find that they don’t need to purchase a new product to achieve it; it is already included as part of another solution they have. Other times, we’ll [...]

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Into the Weeds of PowerApps Licensing

Microsoft prides itself on including many of its new products and features within its existing offerings. This is true for its analytics products: Power BI and PowerApps. While Power BI allows for integrating SaaS applications into common, shareable dashboards, PowerApps also allows organizations to build custom applications that support this data without having a highly [...]

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“I Need Computer Help”

Historically, the term “Computer Help” brings a picture to your mind of a human helping another human with the computer.  Maybe one of the below is what pops into your mind? In modern networks of today, the term “Computer Help” transforms to mean the computer helping you!  Some folks might call this Artificial Intelligence, Insights, [...]

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Microsoft’s Surface Event: What has changed?

After the dominance of Apple’s iPad, former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer dedicated himself to developing a similarly popular tablet product. The result was the Microsoft Surface, Microsoft’s flagship tablet/laptop hybrid. Years later, at their Surface Event in early October, Microsoft released the newest version of this product, as well as line extensions that include tablets, [...]

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Exchange Server 2019

Microsoft has released the Public Preview of Exchange Server 2019, and we have been spending time in our labs getting familiar with the product. It will be supported on Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2019. There are definitely some interesting new tweaks to the product! First of all, this will be the first version [...]

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The Changing Role of CISOs

In terms of C-level positions, Chief Information Security Officers or CISOs are relatively new. They began to appear in conjunction with the rise of highly publicized data security scandals within large organizations. In many cases, adding a CISO was simply adding someone on whom to blame a security event, insulating the other officers or the [...]

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I have MFA enabled…but I never get prompted on my PC

With the adoption of MFA (multi-factor authentication) ramping up significantly to help thwart BEC (Business Email Compromise), some people have noticed that the end-user experience isn’t quite what they expected when using their PC.  They aren’t getting prompted the first time each day they use their browser for Office 365, or even when their password [...]

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When, Why, and How to Encrypt Your Veeam Backups

Backups should be encrypted whenever they contain any data that is important to an organization and there is any chance that the data could be accessed by non-authorized entities.  This usually means that all backups on tape should always be encrypted! Considerations for why to encrypt Backups should be encrypted whenever data will be or [...]

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Analyzing Content with AI and ML in OneDrive and SharePoint

Microsoft recently announced two innovations in content storage which leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to streamline user experience. They involve actively analyzing video, audio, and visual content and adding tags to improve search and storage capabilities. It may sound like science fiction, but these are just some of the ways AI and [...]

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