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A municipal zoo in Aurora, Illinois.


The Phillips Park Zoo in Aurora, Illinois, needed an easy to manage, on line team collaboration solution to record and track their animal’s feedings, behavior, health and training. The collaboration application needed to be accessible from multiple devices, including iPads, be secure and allow Zoo personnel to add and update the status of the animals in the Zoo’s care, without involving IT personnel. Most importantly, the Zoo needed to ensure the information and the collaboration application were on a system that was reliable and supported by a strong company.


Peters & Associates created a collaboration application using SharePoint 2013 that provides on line forms to enter data about animal behaviors, feedings, training and medications. Using wireless connections and iPads, Zoo Personnel can access data about animals in real time, enter new information and create notifications to other Zoo Personnel from across the Zoo. Integration with Microsoft Active Directory ensures Zoo personnel have access to the right functionality and data. SharePoint lists allow non-technical user’s to add and edit animal data. The data recorded about animals can be viewed in different ways using SharePoint views and can be easily downloaded via Microsoft Excel for further analysis. Notifications are easily viewed from the application’s home page.

By using Microsoft technology, the Zoo is confident that their collaboration application and data will be available and supported for the long run. The Zoo now has a way to manage information critical to continuously improving animal care.


  • Secured access and available on line via multiple devices.
  • Data and reporting managed by non-IT personnel.
  • Data and Application controlled from the local network and supported by a top-tier software provider (Microsoft).

“A goal, as the Manager of the Zoo, was to be able have our zoo records stored electronically and be available for retrieval by all zoo staff. A previous program that we were using failed us in all aspects. Our IT department suggested that we meet with representatives from Peters & Associates which we did. We met with Chris Cummins and his associates to explain what types of information that we were looking at storing as well as various ways of entering our data as well as retrieval. Chris and his staff were very knowledgeable of the SharePoint system and enthusiastic in taking up our challenge. They were able to get our information organized and in a demo mode within a few weeks. After some feedback back and forth, a workable, usable format was presented to us, and with a few “tweaks” along the way, we have a program that totally and fully fulfills our needs in our record keeping quest. My staff is able to enter and retrieve data on their iPads through a secure wireless network, anywhere in the Zoo, as well as view information that was stored during their days off, to stay on top of our zoo animal’s care and husbandry. My staff and I are totally satisfied on the outcome!”

– Quote from Randy Johnson, Zoo Manager

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