Business Intelligence Case Study

Customer Snapshot

A privately held company with $75 million in sales focused on recycling for the restaurant industry.

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Department heads needed faster and better insight into departmental spending and expense allocation. The company was extremely reliant on Excel and the management team felt they were spending too much time on operational reporting. Their operational reports were not easily accessible and their internal reporting team was overwhelmed with reporting requests. The company needed a modern self-service reporting solution.


Peters & Associates analyzed the client’s data flows as well as the linkages between their Dynamics SL accounting system and other financial systems. Peters & Associates leveraged Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Server Integration Services, SQL Server Analysis Services, Azure Active Directory, and Power BI to provide three different departments with better access to their spending and budgeting information.


Power BI dashboards provided the trending and budget information that needed to be visualized as well the insight they required into when vendors were being paid and who was signing off on the vendor invoices. Department heads now have a snapshot into their departmental spending which has provided them with the insight that they needed to ensure spending is being property allocated. Department heads also have the ability to view vendor invoices on their own without having to rely on the accounting team.

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