Business Intelligence Case Study

Customer Snapshot

A Fortune 1000 company and a leading global manufacturer of school, office, and consumer products with 4000 employees.

Business Intelligence Solutions Case Study Acco Brands


Peters & Associates leveraged Microsoft Azure, SQL Server, SQL Server Integration Services, Azure Active Directory, and Power BI to deliver C level business intelligence dashboards that included various analytics including sales, HR metrics, and geospatial visualizations.


The client has seen a significant reduction in the reliance on operational reporting. Most importantly, the company’s upper management has been given a snapshot of the organization’s sales and operational metrics without having to rely on limited legacy reporting. Having this snapshot has reduced management’s reliance on the operational reporting team. This has freed up the reporting team to focus more on modern reporting solutions and less on maintaining operational reporting. The solution also provided the IT department with a fully functioning example of a modern information delivery solution that can be referenced for future projects.


The company needed to enable their C level executives to make faster and better decisions by leveraging data that is being stored in a large number of data warehouses and ERPs. The C level executives wanted to be able to visualize the company’s sales and various operational metrics on a single interface and thus remove the reliance on a large number of operational reports. At the same time, the company needed to reduce their reliance on onsite hardware and software. The company needed a modernized information delivery solution.

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