Because you want more than a job. 

Exceptional work with an awesome team.

Inspired. Friendly. Collaborative. Smart. Authentic.

“Peters makes a person feel welcomed and invites you to join and feel comfortable in your surroundings. That’s very much appreciated.”

“There’s a culture of putting the client first, of doing really good work for the client—not about how much money we can make off them. That’s refreshing.”

“Peters management team is genuine and honest, I look forward to coming to work every day.”

“At Peters & Associates I have an opportunity to work with a fast-paced organization that keeps me close to the cutting edge—I’m gaining experience across a wider breadth of technology. Joining Peters has proven the best way for me to grow my career.”

“Everyone is always willing to help one another and extended family is part of the culture of the company.”

 “At Peters, we collaborate all the time. Everyone’s friendly and helpful—I’m working with a lot of really smart people.”


We offer competitive compensation and benefits package including 401K and insurance.

We foster a team approach to today’s technology challenges. If you are smart, friendly, hardworking and genuine, you’ll fit right in.

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