Cisco’s Meraki MV cameras

Integrate Physical Security With Your IT Security.

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Security is becoming increasingly important for all types of organizations, with the rise of data expanding the field of what needs to be protected. However, organizations should not forget the importance of physical security, which can often tie into protecting digital information. For example, a rogue employee or external bad actor could steal a computer or other physical IT asset that contains sensitive information.

To help improve overall security, organizations can turn to Cisco Meraki MV cameras, a line of sleek security cameras that can be easily managed in the cloud and integrated into a secure network.

features and benefits of Cisco Meraki MV cameras

Cisco Meraki MV cameras can do so much more than record physical environments. Some of the many features and benefits of these devices include:

Continuous, High-Definition Recordings

Not only do the cameras themselves look great, but the video quality is also top-notch, with continuous, high-definition recordings. Recordings can be saved to the cloud as well as to integrated edge storage, so you can always view streams even when you lose your network connection.

Cloud Management

All of your cameras can be easily managed in the cloud, where you can add devices to your network even before they’re physically installed. Through the cloud dashboard, you can view recordings wherever you are and set secure user access controls.

Integrated Security

As part of the Meraki suite, you can integrate cloud management of your cameras with the oversight of your other Meraki products to build a more secure network. Plus, the cameras include features such as motion search capabilities, allowing you to more easily review streams to identify potential breaches. The video recordings also include built-in security features, such as being encrypted by default.

Business Insights

In addition to being used for security purposes, these cameras can also provide key business insights, such as motion heat detectors determining store traffic. Some models also have computer vision capabilities that can detect people in video feeds.

improve your security with Cisco Meraki MV cameras

Given the wide range of features and security benefits, organizations should look to integrate Cisco Meraki MV cameras as part of their overall IT security strategies. Peters & Associates helps companies determine which devices they need, install the cameras and integrate them into a more secure network infrastructure.

For more information or to get started with a Meraki Camera 14-Day Free Trial and Proof of Concept, contact Peters & Associates today.

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