Where to start with Microsoft Teams?

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Microsoft introduced Teams in 2016 as the new chat-based workspace in Office 365. To be clear, Teams is a lot more than chat, a whole lot more. Teams is the primary client for collaborative communication in Office 365 and will replace Skype for Business Online. Teams is loaded with featuresyou can follow them on the Microsoft Road Map. 


Teams provides the ability for real time collaboration with meetings, chat, and interfaces with your Office 365 features like One-Drive, SharePoint, and Exchange Online & Outlook. Teams will replace Skype for collaboration as well as voice services in the Microsoft cloud. 


I like to remind Administrators of the server sprawl that you may have seen occur in the early days of server virtualization and even SharePoint. That same type of sprawl can occur in Teams –  therefore a logical deployment plan is advised for a successful implementation. Collaboration spaces for Office 365 groups differ based on where the Office 365 group is created.

Group options include: Office 365 groups, security groups, mail-enabled security groups, distribution groups, and shared mailboxes. With a proper deployment plan, the user will have a highly dynamic and collaborative Teams and Office 365 experience, while the Administrator can manage the identitybased security perimeter. Teams has powerful security controls that can be leveraged with appropriate controls over groups and the underlying Azure AD accounts. 

Sorry if I have your head spinning, but I want to give you a heads up – there is planning and management involved in a Teams implementation.  

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Peters & Associates is receiving many inquiries about where to start with Microsoft Teams. If you are at the beginning of your Teams journey, we recommend our Teams Jumpstart. Peters & Associates leverages our methodology with hundreds of Office 365 deployments to amplify the knowledge and simplify the journey.  Our proven project strategy includes Microsoft Teams Envisioning and Readiness, Governance, Implementation, and Adoption and Change Management.   

If you have already starting the Team journey, we would recommend an assessment to focus on tuning your Teams and reviewing governance, adoption and voice capabilities.  Contact us at info@peters.com to connect and learn more!