What do you own, but aren’t using?

by | Dec 4, 2018 | Security | 0 comments

Frequently we’ll have a client request come in to purchase a particular product.  When we talk to the client and ask what they’re trying to accomplish, sometimes we find that they don’t need to purchase a new product to achieve it; it is already included as part of another solution they have.

Other times, we’ll be talking to a client and they’ll bring up some issue they’ve been having recently and we’ll point out there are features in the existing system that could be configured to address it.

Here are some of these common issues people have where they may not realize they own a solution:

Quick User File Recovery – Volume Shadow Copy

This feature has been a part of Windows Servers for a few releases now.  It provides a way for the end-user to recover files they accidentally removed off the server (or regret a version that was saved).  Frequency of the snapshot and location to store them are up for discussion, but no special purchase is required.

More Secure Wireless Connections

Some places use PSK (pre-shared key) for access to the production network.  Ideally, that should be for guests only, not production access.  You should step-up your game and deploy certificates from your internal certificate authority to the workstations you want to trust and configure the Radius/NPS on some servers and leverage the certificates as a trust mechanism.  This is available for no cost if all workstations are domain-joined windows machines.  If you have a Mac or non-domain joined PCs, then you’ll probably need to buy a certificate from a trusted CA, but the rest of the server roles and such are available for free.

Encrypting Drives in Laptops

Bitlocker for everyone!  You need TPM chips in your laptops to have the necessary security pieces to avoid a USB dongle for storing the keys, but most business laptops have that capability.

Password Management for the Local Administrator

LAPS (Local Administrator Password Solution) is a topic we discussed in an earlier blog.  But keeping the local administrator password secure and preventing lateral movement by having unique local administrator passwords on systems should help people sleep better at night….and the software is free.

Those are just some on-premises options.  With Office 365, the features you aren’t leveraging increase nearly daily!

While what is available varies with their licenses they purchase, we’ll frequently notice some clients aren’t leveraging one or more of the following:

  • Email encryption
  • Data loss protection
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • One Drive for Business
  • Email protection with Advanced Threat Protection

How are you to keep up?

We do offer a number of events and webinars where newer topics are being discussed.

Some of our clients have regularly scheduled visits and ad-hoc conversations usually turn up some of these types of items as part of the discourse.

Others find a periodic formal white-boarding session to discuss various upcoming goals and how to achieve them works best for them.

Ready to discuss your business issue or learn more about what you might not be using in your existing solution?  Email info@peters.com. We are happy to help!