Why Your Warehouse Security Camera System Should Integrate With Your Network

by | Nov 26, 2020 | Infrastructure, Security

When it comes to security in the manufacturing industry, physical security and cybersecurity are often treated as totally different entities. While they do exist in distinct realms, treating them as separate ignores the enormous influence between the two.

Or, as put by Scott Borg, Director of the U.S. Cyber Consequences Unit:

“As long as organizations treat their physical and cyber domains as separate, there is little hope of securing either one. The convergence of cyber and physical security has already occurred at the technical level. It is long overdue at the organizational level.”

Smart cameras, like Meraki’s MV, apply the digital tools of cybersecurity to the largely stagnant world of video monitoring. For manufacturers looking to shore up warehouse security in large spaces, there’s no more efficient or holistic way to secure a space than a warehouse security camera system with network-connected smart cameras.

What Distinguishes Smart Cameras from Typical Security Cameras

Meraki MVs are a special breed of smart cameras, equipped with both on-device solid-state storage and processing power. These two features alone bring a significant number of benefits over traditional security cameras – especially for the manufacturing industry.

MVs record for 72 continuous hours, allowing an easy-to-access record should a network outage occur. After each 72-hour block, processing power is used to trim all footage without motion, and the resulting footage is uploaded to the cloud, where it can be viewed from nearly any device.

Setup is much easier as well. MV cameras can be deployed wirelessly and make only a minimal impact on network resources. What’s more, it removes the need for costly network video recorder (NVR) devices, which are typically needed to collect and transmit video feeds to the broader web.

Automation, AI, Analytics as Applied to Physical Security

Above all, the benefits of centralized warehouse security management form the best argument for a smart camera system. Not only does it allow for cloud storage, but it also helps by lending physical security the tools of cybersecurity: automation, business intelligence and analytics, and pattern matching through artificial intelligence.

Meraki MVs offer the unique advantage of being centrally controlled from the famously flexible and easy-to-use Meraki dashboard. Individual events can be isolated and automatically displayed. Manufacturing companies could, for instance, identify what occurred to a missing laptop by clicking on the last area it was seen; the platform will return the relevant video feed, identifying when it was removed and by whom.

Computer vision and machine learning can be used to detect, classify, and track objects and people within a frame, giving users insights into warehouse activity, employee behavior and performance, foot traffic patterns, and much more.

Cameras can also be scheduled to specify in which scenarios they should record and which they should not. Schedule templates can be saved and applied to camera groups, with capture options like live footage or motion-based.

Motion alerts allow users to specify areas within monitor movement within particular areas of a camera’s coverage area. For instance, one might set up alerts that trigger each time someone clocks in outside of designated work hours, uses certain warehouse machinery or opens a doorway to the server room. Granular security controls allow network admins to delineate which features and settings may be changed by staff, including controls like the limiting of video exports and visibility only into specified video feeds.

And since such processes can be automated, they save manufacturing companies a lot of resources on security monitoring.

Enhance Your Warehouse’s Physical Security with Digital Tools

Installing a network-connected warehouse security camera system enhances physical security in ways not previously possible. For organizations whose revenue depends upon the security of a large physical space populated with valuable products, there are few safer investments.

Peters & Associates specializes in security for the manufacturing industry and can help you determine which physical security devices you need, install the cameras and integrate them into a more secure network infrastructure. Contact us for more information.