Veeam: Your Secret Weapon to Defeating Ransomware

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Ransomware attacks – a devastating cyberattack in which a criminal locks the files of a victim’s computer and demands a ransom to recover the files – are increasing in both scale and frequency. During the first half of 2020, ransomware attacks against businesses in the United States more than doubled. While ransomware attacks of large corporations and municipalities make the headlines, small businesses would be unwise to let their guard down – 43% of cyberattacks are directed at small businesses.

Reliable, frequent, and secure backups are the most effective way to recover from a ransomware attack. Recovering from backups can save organizations time and money. Peters & Associates partners with Veeam to provide resilient backup solutions and managed services to our customers. In this virtual event, we learned about the ways that Veeam protects from ransomware compromise, detects compromised backups, and enables rapid recovery in the event of a disaster. We also discussed how Peters & Associates leverages the power of Veeam to manage our customers’ backup and recovery needs.

How does Veeam protect against Ransomware?

At its core, Veeam is a data and backup platform. However, they offer much more, Veeam also focuses on data mobility. With Veeam’s Cloud Data Management Platform, you get a 5 pronged approach to data mobility:

  1. Backup & Recovery
  2. Cloud Mobility
  3. Monitoring & Analytics
  4. Orchestration & Automation
  5. Governance & Compliance

Their solution offers a platform that grows as you do so that your data is always secured, and all your needs are addressed when protecting your data as you grow. Deploying this 5 pronged approach creates a layered defense. This methodology will help create higher barriers and more hurdles for hackers when trying to break onto your network.

Building on this our guest speaker, Blake von Brockdorff, shared these pro tips to keep your secure:

  • Pro Tip #1: Use different credentials for backup storage
  • Pro Tip #2: Give each backup admin individual access
  • Pro Tip #3: Utilize offline storage
  • Pro Tip #4: Leverage different file systems/protocols for backup storage
  • Pro Tip #5: Utilize DataLabs & Secure Restore
  • Pro Tip #6: Document your recovery plan
  • Pro Tip #7: Have visibility into suspicious activity

What can Peters & Associates do to help?

Peters is offering a Backup & Recovery Assessment. This assessment will go through your current backup and recovery strategy, procedures, and overall approach to see where you are succeeding and what needs improvement. We will complete a 1-day technical review to assess your infrastructure and coverage. If you are interested in assessing your backup & recovery strategy, coverage, and resiliency, we are offering this engagement for $1,000 through the end of 2020. Reach out to your Peters & Associates account manager or email to get started.

Our managed services team also offers PULSE Managed Backup and Recovery. This solution provides an implementation of a modern server backup solution with local, cloud, and offline storage options. This includes daily backup review and error remediation, regular recovery testing, and 24×7 recovery assistance.

If you are interested in any of these offerings or if you have any questions on how to elevate your Backup and Recovery strategy, please reach out! You can contact us at or give us a call at 630.832.0075.

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