Transition Your IT Department with a Strategic MSP

by | Jul 18, 2019 | Managed Services

The IT industry is fast-moving, and companies must keep up with the latest developments to uphold security, keep clients happy and remain relevant in a competitive business landscape. The majority of this push comes from the IT department, and for small and growing businesses, finding and maintaining a stellar IT team can be a heavy lift. Many find that a managed IT service provider (MSP) can offer what they need at a lower overall cost while reducing in-house burden.

Better yet, hiring an MSP doesn’t jeopardize your current IT department; rather, it enables your in-house staff to focus on strategy and mission-critical issues while the MSP handles tech support, procurement and other items, according to your SLA.

To explore whether an MSP could improve your IT department’s efficiency while lowering costs, let’s look at the demands and expenses of running an IT department.

Calculating IT Department Cost: Personnel, Training, and Equipment

Companies need a significant amount of equipment and software to run efficiently, especially in today’s app-driven business environment. From CRMs and productivity applications to keeping up with rapidly evolving trends, IT department management incurs significant expenses.

Personnel: Salaries and overtime are obvious factors here, but other demands like thoughtful hiring, personnel management and retention efforts come into play as well. For example, how much time and money do you put into hiring, and do you know how to choose the right candidates? In a high-demand employment field where their skill sets are highly valued, what are you doing to encourage your IT employees to stay?

Training: In a fast-moving IT environment, managers need to invest in ongoing training and certifications for their in-house IT employees. These can be costly and time-consuming; however, foregoing continuing education can leave companies with outdated solutions and policies that pose security vulnerabilities and can’t compete with newer options.

Equipment: IT equipment ownership is expensive. Choosing the right solutions and configuring them to work with one another while meeting your company’s needs adds another layer of time and expertise.

While some MSPs’ price-tags can seem intimidating at first glance, many companies are finding that hiring MSPs reduces their IT spend over time. For example, MSPs cut the time and effort of hiring, retaining and training personnel while expertly helping businesses select, plan, deploy and manage IT solutions that enhance their productivity and overall profitability. Over time, this often lowers companies’ IT TCO.

Managed IT Services Boost Growth with Less Effort

MSPs are already in the business of technology. They can plan, design and manage security, cloud solutions, backups and disaster recovery, network infrastructure, user and endpoint security, and many other leading solutions in the IT space.

Instead of hiring a team for a one-off project, working with an MSP allows you to cultivate a long-term relationship with a business to service your company. The relationship is flexible and can serve simply as help desk support or more strategically as a trusted advisor. They can supplement in-house teams as well as be leaned on for full project implementations based on your needs.

Instead of hiring a team for a one-off project, working with an MSP allows you to cultivate a long-term relationship with a business to service your company, both as help desk support and as a close partner and consultant. They can support in-house teams as well as take on full projects themselves based on your needs.

What if you don’t need a full IT system overhaul as much as you need a repair team that isn’t busy with another customer? Or perhaps you simply need technicians to remove viruses, upgrade software or give general tech advice. MSPs offer a wide range of solutions to meet your needs, whatever they may be. Further, many are flexible with their offerings and can tailor their services to best serve your company.

Hiring an MSP requires a shift in thinking to “as-a-service” but provides you access to cutting-edge solutions and the ability to improve efficiency. MSPs’ expertise and outsourced personnel management often lower companies’ IT TCO over time

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