Traditional Firewall Versus NextGen Firewall

by | Jul 23, 2020 | Security

Firewalls certainly aren’t new. They’ve long been an essential part of cybersecurity. However, NextGen firewalls offer an enhanced level of protection, providing your organization with robust, proactive protection. Let’s take a look at the levels of protection offered via traditional firewalls and NextGen firewalls.

Traditional Firewalls

Traditional firewalls provide essential security for your environment. One of their key features is packet filtering, which ensures that packets are inspected before they’re allowed to pass through the firewall.

Some traditional firewalls are stateless, which means they rely on access control lists to make decisions about whether to allow packets through. Stateful firewalls are a more advanced traditional firewall which can identify the operating state of a packet by checking it against a state table. The state table keeps track of information like open connections, destination IP addresses, and port information, and it can use that contextual information to determine whether traffic is malicious.

NextGen Firewalls

NextGen firewalls build on features in traditional firewalls including stateful technology. Where traditional firewalls only provide protection at layer 3 and layer 4 of the OSI network stack, NextGen firewalls analyze traffic up to layer 7. They typically include intrusion detection, which uses a combination of signature, protocol, and anomaly-based inspection methods.

They also use deep packet inspection (DPI), which means they look into the data part of the packet and use that information to determine whether to let the packet through.

NextGen firewalls provide identity-based and device-aware security. They can control and block risky applications, filter URLs, and integrate advanced malware protection. NextGen firewalls can also provide comprehensive visibility so you can see threat activity across your network.

Overall, NextGen firewalls offer better performance and more comprehensive security features than traditional firewalls. Throughput isn’t compromised as advanced security features are enabled, and they include paths for future updates so they can evolve as the threat landscape changes.

Are NextGen Firewalls Right for Me?

Today’s threats aren’t static. They’re constantly evolving. NextGen firewalls build on traditional firewall technology, offering advanced protection against today’s evolving threats.

A NextGen firewall can provide essential protection for your organization. Which one is right for you? Peters & Associates can help. We’ve been working with organizations of all sizes for nearly four decades. We partner with organizations and find solutions that meet their needs.

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