Traditional Antivirus Versus NextGen Antivirus

by | Jul 23, 2020 | Security

Antivirus software is an essential part of your cybersecurity defenses. Of course, antivirus software has been around for decades now, and despite its existence, many firms have been infiltrated by malware. Traditional antivirus software is no longer able to keep up with the sophisticated threats we face today. NextGen antivirus software does have those capabilities. Let’s take a closer look at traditional antivirus versus NextGen antivirus software.

Traditional Antivirus Software

Traditional antivirus programs use signature databases to recognize threats. They scan files and quarantine potentially infected ones. There’s a problem with this approach, though—a rapidly increasing number of attacks are fileless, which means they can’t be detected by traditional malware.

Another issue with traditional antivirus software is that it offers a poor end-user experience. You may find your computer getting sluggish while it performs security scans. Updates take an increasing amount of disk space and network bandwidth.

NextGen Antivirus Software

NextGen antivirus software addresses these concerns. Traditional antivirus software can only detect threats that have already been identified. NextGen antivirus software uses machine learning and AI to identify potentially malicious behavior. It’s proactive, looking for threats rather than waiting for them to emerge.

NextGen antivirus software is better equipped to handle zero day exploits, which take advantage of the time gap between when a vulnerability is found and when a patch is developed.

It also provides a better experience for the end-user. Cloud-based NextGen antivirus software works in the background without taking up extensive disk space. It’s easy to implement and maintain, without cumbersome databases that constantly need to be updated.

Is NextGen Antivirus Right for Me?

NextGen antivirus can improve your security posture, but like any security measure, it requires monitoring. It’s also just one layer of what should be a multi-layer security plan.

That’s where a managed services provider (MSP) can help. Many MSPs offer managed security, which means they partner with you to implement and monitor security solutions that make sense for your organization. This frees up your in-house IT team to focus on other critical goals, or gives you the equivalent of an in-house IT team if you don’t have one, but at a lower cost.

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