This Month in Microsoft Teams: February 2021 (3:20)

by | Feb 16, 2021 | Collaboration

Microsoft Teams has a robust collection of core functionality, like chat, file sharing, and online meetings. The purpose of this monthly webinar series, This Month in Microsoft Teams, is to explore all that Microsoft Teams has to offer. Teams continuously releases new features, and has grown to meet the new requirements the COVID pandemic has created. From accessibility for employees being forced to work from home to new functionality for meetings, Teams has it covered. This month Tim Hohman, resident Teams expert, will discuss why your organization should consider Teams for meetings.

Why Teams

As Microsoft says: Teams is the hub for collaboration. With features like chat, meetings, and 3rd party app integration, Teams helps to automate routines and streamline productivity. Last month we discussed Teams chat, allowing users to share files, call, and so much more all in one platform. This month we will be build on our knowledge of chat and use them in Teams meetings.

If you missed last months session, read the recap here.

What’s New

Microsoft Teams is known as a “smart application,” meaning that as the needs of its users change, it will adapt. Microsoft has been working diligently to adapt to these changes, here are a few:

  • In meeting alerts (mobile) – Teams allows users to join meetings from mobile device while maintaining user experience, The Teams app will send users alerts to help you stay in the meeting. Two alters users may receive are power save or low bandwidth, and automatic rejoin after drop.
  • Together mode – When Microsoft Teams launched in 2017, there was only 3×3 video. Today there is up to 7×7 video and together mode. 7×7 allows users to see up to 49 cameras in one screen. Together mode puts those who have shared there screen in a fun setting. You can put users in a stadium, auditorium, or other fun places. However, when selecting together mode, this changes the layout for everyone.
  • Join screen – One of the newest updates to Teams is the join screen settings. This new join screen allows you to change your device settings, background, and volume before joining the meeting, This update allows users to avoid any embarrassing mistakes that may arise on immediate join.
  • Live reactions – Sometimes virtual meetings can get boring and lonely, even when we all share our cameras. Live reactions make meetings fun again. With live reactions, you can applause, like, and give live feedback. When we cheer each other on we encourage collaboration and team building efforts while we are remote.
  • Noise reduction – The most helpful update by far, is noise reduction features in Teams. As we all continue to work remotely, the ability to limit the noise from neighbors, pets, or children, is crucial. The three levels within Teams are high, medium, and low. Now users can work from home more confidently than before.

Meeting should be short, sweet, to the point, all while maintaining a painless experience or the virtual users. Here are a few tips to keep your Teams meeting running smoothly:

  • Copy Meeting Link – We have all been there: you start a meeting, waiting for someone to join and you realize, you forgot to invite them. By clicking on the participants panel in the meeting, you can copy or add a specific individual, without having to leave the meeting. This is also helpful if you need to pull someone in from another team to provide specialized information.
  • Record Meeting – Something that we all should be doing is recording our meetings. Now that meeting are virtual, people may get dropped, have conflicting schedules or anything else. By having a recording the meeting, users will be able to catch up on their own time.
  • Spotlight Speaker – A huge problem in virtual meetings is keeping your attention on speakers. With the spotlight speaker  function, the organizer can highlight presenters to keep a specific user pined to the groups screen.

To learn more about what’s new and helpful tips for Microsoft Teams meetings, watch the full recording here.

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